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Member since: Thu Nov 8, 2018, 12:32 AM
Number of posts: 648

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Sanders supporters deny coordinated attacks on O'Rourke's progressive credentials

Source: The Hill

Supporters of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders (I) are denying that there is a coordinated campaign among them to discredit Rep. Beto O'Rourke (D-Texas) ahead of a potential presidential primary battle between the two, according to NBC News.

NBC News reported increasing examples of Sanders supporters criticizing O'Rourke, who ran a tight race this year against Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) in traditionally red Texas.

But with O'Rourke now considering a presidential run, Norman Solomon, who was a delegate for Sanders at the 2016 Democratic National Convention, told NBC News that Americans are seeing "underneath the superficial gloss of projections onto Beto."

"I think this week can be understood as a kind of turning point, where — for the first time really — millions of Americans are seeing pieces that look underneath the superficial gloss of projections onto Beto," Solomon said. 

Read more: https://thehill.com/homenews/campaign/422674-sanders-supporters-deny-coordinated-attacks-on-orourkes-progressive

The headline is a lie. No Sanders supporter is quoted denying anything in this article.

Brian Kolfage, fake news peddler

The man raising money for the wall has spread so much fake news that his content has been removed from Facebook for violating fake news rules.

The fundraising page doesn’t mention Kolfage’s most recent business venture, a Facebook page titled Right Wing News and a ring of affiliate sites that frequently trafficked in conspiracy theories. In October, Right Wing News was pulled down by Facebook in a sweep of more than 559 pages that the company said were “using fake accounts… to drive traffic to their websites” or “were ad farms using Facebook to mislead people into thinking that they were forums for legitimate political debate.”

In his fake news pages he called Obama a pedophile, among other fake news.
He is a separate Gofundme asking for money for "free speech".

I wish the media stopped saying that GOP Congressmen are unhappy with Trump

Every time Trump does something stupid, pundits say that the Republican Party is "showing cracks".
No. It's not. Lindsay Graham got mad for one day because of Syria and will be kissing Trump's ass again in no time.
Corker and Flake have been sort of uneasy but that's not new and they're the only ones.
Susan Collins doesn't seem to give a shit about anything and she isn't even mad.

The Republican Party is a radical right wing cult of Donald Trump.

White House declines to say if it's behind the GoFundMe for the wall

A fundraiser by a triple m amputee aimed at raising $1 billion for the border wall has been portrayed as a grassroots effort by average Americans. But is the White House and large donors part of the effort? They won’t say.
Via USA Today:
The White House is aware of the GoFundMe effort, but officials declined to comment on whether the administration coordinated with Kolfage on it.


Trump stops following Ann Coulter on Twitter

She said he caved on the wall and also this:

Maddow and Cuomo destroyed Hannity in ratings last night


Cenk Uygur criticizes advertisers for boycotting Tucker Carlson

Many advertisers boycotted the racist host for saying immigrants make the USA dirty.
Famous white males on Twitter don't seem happy about it.
Bernie Sanders supporter Cenk Uygur criticized the decision.
I think Cenk is aware that his good friend Glenn Greenwald is invited to the Tucker show very often.

Nate Silver: Tucker Carlson is racist but advertisers shouldn't decide who's racist

In a bizarre tweetbait, the white mathematician says that he thinks Tucker Carlson is racist, but advertisers who have dropped him for being racist shouldn't think he's racist.

Kirsten Gillibrand worried that top three Democrats are white men

Because we are a diverse nation, senator Kirsten Gillibrand is worried that the top three contenders for the Democratic nomination according to polls are white men.
When van Jones asked her whether she was nervous about it, she answered yes at the 20 second mark of this clip:

U.S. Homebuilder Confidence Unexpectedly Slumps To Three-Year Low In December

Source: Nasdaq

After reporting a sharp pullback in U.S. homebuilder confidence in the previous month, the National Association of Home Builders released a report on Monday unexpectedly showing a continued deterioration in confidence in the month of December.

The report said the NAHB/Wells Fargo Housing Market Index dropped to 56 in December after tumbling to 60 in November. Economists had expected the index to inch up to 61.
With the unexpected monthly decrease, the housing market index tumbled to its lowest level since hitting 54 in May of 2015.

"The fact that builder confidence dropped significantly in areas of the country with high home prices shows how the growing housing affordability crisis is hurting the market," said NAHB Chief Economist Robert Dietz.

He added, "This housing slowdown is an early indicator of economic softening, and it is important that builders manage supply-side costs to keep home prices competitive for buyers at different price points."

Read more: https://www.nasdaq.com/article/us-homebuilder-confidence-unexpectedly-slumps-to-threeyear-low-in-december-20181217-00662
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