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Bev54's Journal
Bev54's Journal
March 3, 2023

John Stewart destroys 2nd amendment Republican Purist's argument

I couldn't figure out how to extract the video from the article so I have put the link to the article with the video in it. He is so good at debating these morons and destroying their arguments without them seeing it coming.


February 26, 2023

When Washington Realized Russia Was Actually Invading Ukraine

I came across this article from Politico while reading Empty Wheel and she provided a link to it. Interviews with intelligence officials about how they prepared for and informed Ukraine and European allies that Russia was going to invade. It also confirms what we already know, that Joe Biden was the right person in the presidency and he appointed the right people in their jobs. Several of Russia's spies have been disbanded in Europe over the past year.

It is a very interesting read and I have also put the link to the Empty Wheel article.



February 22, 2023

Wisconsin state supreme court race update

Total Votes In: 39%

Janet Protasiewicz: 50.9%
Daniel Kelly: 18.5%
Everett Mitchell: 9.3%
Jennifer Dorow: 21.3%

You can get updates at this link


February 10, 2023

Trump to call Anderson Cooper as a witness for the defense in the E.J. Carroll trial

Anderson Cooper is on the list of witnesses for the defense for Trump in his defamation trial set to begin April 25th. If I remember correctly Trump was accusing CNN and Cooper of changing their questioning of Carroll in an interview, because she said something like most people think rape is sexy or some other ridiculous thing and Cooper went straight to a commercial.

Not sure where this is going but could be interesting.


Here is the interview:

February 9, 2023

Etiquette when given hearts.

I am not really sure how or when to respond when I receive a heart from an anonymous source. I am very grateful and humbled when they present on but not sure if I should respond to each one or wait until the end of the day. Is there proper or long standing etiquette to guide us?

Thank you to those who have already sent hearts.

February 9, 2023

Link to Weaponization of Government livestream

If you are interested in watching the hearing here is the

I came across this site while searching for the livestream but have gone back to find it under the government website, which in my first search couldn't find it.
So my edit is showing the link to the government site

January 31, 2023

The man behind George Santos was also behind "Hunter's laptop"

with Bannon and worked for Matt Gaetz when he was under threat of indictment. Could he be the new Roger Stone?


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