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Member since: Fri Nov 2, 2018, 01:10 PM
Number of posts: 7,743

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Laugh for the day

Roger Stone got suspended by Jason Miller's GETTR and he is pissed.


If anyone had any doubts about Maggie Haberman's predilection for Trump

This should put it to sleep. She is now re-tweeting Trump's disgusting video of Afghans falling from the planes in Afghanistan, calling it worse than Saigon. There is no getting around her loyalties anymore:


Barr's DOJ secretly subpoenaed data from Apple on democratic congressman

From the New York Times


WASHINGTON ó As the Justice Department investigated who was behind leaks of classified information early in the Trump administration, it took a highly unusual step: Prosecutors subpoenaed Apple for data from the accounts of at least two Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee, aides and family members. One was a minor.

All told, the records of at least a dozen people tied to the committee were seized in 2017 and early 2018, including those of Representative Adam B. Schiff of California, then the panelís top Democrat and now its chairman, according to committee officials and two other people briefed on the inquiry.

Prosecutors, under the beleaguered attorney general, Jeff Sessions, were hunting for the sources behind news media reports about contacts between Trump associates and Russia. Ultimately, the data and other evidence did not tie the committee to the leaks, and investigators debated whether they had hit a d
lead end and some even discussed closing the inquiry.

Comments on DeJoys plan for USPS open now for public

Rachel was discussing that DeJoy is still trying to ruin USPS and has a 10 year plan he would like to institute, which would include no more air mail for first class mail, truck only, and closing many post offices. There is a comment period for one month and the unions are trying to get people to comment on this and to tell them what you as a customer want from your USPS. Rachel did not, however, say how to make those comments so I went to look and they have this site, and unless someone knows anything different, perhaps send your comments through there. While he will hopefully soon be gone, he is, for now, still there and planning to destroy the USPS as you know it. Do not take chances. Write in and get others around you to do the same. The Unions want as many people as possible to write in.

This is the website, I found you can send messages to USPS.


Is Rod Rosenstein going to "go through some things?

I am not sure how to show this twitter thread here but it is by Dirk Schwenk Esq. who is going through Judge Jackson's recent ruling about Barr and his lies.


Anybody know what is happening at the capitol buildings DC

Lockdown, and ambulances, helicopters??? What is going on?

Thank you

You are all so generous with hearts and I would like to say thank you. At the beginning I did not know what it was all about but it is a really nice tradition. Today watching the trial, and being upset from it, even though most of it I have seen before, it is nice to have some kindness.

Can someone explain the heart giving?

I have received a couple of messages receiving hearts but I am not totally clear on what this is about (I get valentines day) or how it works.

MSNBC announces new head, Phil Griffin is out

Rashida Jones will now head up MSNBC. Does this mean we can get rid of Chuck Todd now?


Chad Daybell arrested and police are searching

his property, could be for bodies of the children:

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