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allgood33's Journal
allgood33's Journal
March 27, 2019

In light of Trump's pivot to abolishing the ACA, and Betsy's pivot to slash Special Olympics funding

if we can't beat them with the tweets vindictiveness we should beat them with the optics.

The Dem supporters making all this anti-Trump ad should invest some money is making an ad exposing all the heartless cuts the GOP and Trump are making to anything that helps people. There is more than just the ACA and Special Olymipics that they will use to make up for the bad tax bill they passed.

I would couple any message in the ad with the video of Trump mocking the reporter with a disability as well as all the other disgusting videos of him mocking and disparaging McCain.

Their is enough disguting materialout there by Trump to make a huge impression on the voters who are react more to the visual than the verbal.

March 27, 2019

I don't believe that Trump would come out swinging against the ACA unless there was some

GOP plan in the wings. This is the way they set us and media up for spreading "fake news." i don't trust them one bit. That's why the point for Democrats to make is that no matter what they (the GOP) comes out with people should remember that they, as a party, and Trump as their President were and are willing to take healthcare away from millions...even from their own disgusting supporters. The issue is one of the heart and character. People who delight in the suffering of others should not have power over others. That is what every Democrat should be saying every time a mike is thrust in front of their faces. It's all about what they would do if they had the chance and what they relly want to do.

March 27, 2019

Trump further cheapens the office of the President with T-shirts and mugs with

"Witch Hunt" and other deranged stuff. They selling and making money of outright lies.

March 27, 2019

If Mueller and crew could not tell what Trump's intention was from the Lester Holt interview,

Mueller and crew are not the finest minds I thought they were. That alone was enough basis for determining obstruction of justice. Trump's intent, out of his own mouth was to stop nay Russian investigation. Instead, it got him Mueller.

On the threat to go after HRC and the Obama administration by Lindsey Graham and others, I say let them open a full and public investigation. We will learn that Trump was briefed about the Russian interference on multiple occasions and ignored the warning. We will learn that Trump was warned about Flynn and ignored the warnings. We will learn that Harry Reid (i hope is called as a witness) tried to get McConnel to open an investigation into the Russian alleged collusion and interfernece in our election but McConnel refused to bring it before the Senate. Those are only a few of the things we will learn again.

I think the GOP will be making a really big mistake in doing this but I am more than happy to have them do it. We will also learn how much evidence there was to get that FISA warrant. We will also learn that Obama should have been more aggressive in exposing the Russian interference but didn't want to do (what we know Trump would lhave done) appear to be trying to influence the election in Hillary's favor.

i say BRING IT, Lindsey.

March 26, 2019

Will SDNY ever indict any of the Trumpians now?

When will this nightmare be over. Empowering Trump began with passage of that nasty tax bill. The greed of the GOP gave him a blank check. They were so happy to get their tax cuts the vowed to let Trump do anything he wanted and we are now paying for it.
Our Justice Department is now led by an a brazen Trump admirerer.

March 26, 2019

OK so who called for the Special Prosecutor? Was it the Democrats? If Comey had not been fired,

would there have even been the need for a Special Prosecutor?

Did we allow Trump and his followers to punk us with NO COLLUSION. From where did the first charges of "collusion" come?

March 26, 2019

Stoking civil war among the electorate ought to be illegal and punishable by imprisonment. 45

Compiling an enemies list of citizens, the media, and politicians ought to be a crime when a President does this. How many civil law suits can be filed against him? It's already ok to file civil law suits, they did it to Clinton.

March 26, 2019

Trump is now going after Obamacare once again. Time to take to the street again.

Please write, call, tweet, fax and/or visit your Senators. They hold the key once again. After what Lindsey has been doing he is about to erase McCain's thumbs down.


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