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Gender: Female
Home country: USA
Current location: MD
Member since: Wed Oct 24, 2018, 08:30 AM
Number of posts: 1,584

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Will someone please tell the idiot-in-chief that referring to Bibi as "your Prime Minister"

to a Jewish group practically validates what Omar was accused of as being anti-Semitic. Nancy should stand in the well of the House and explain that to Trump.

All the pundits talk around it but I am going to say it.

The last Trump rank about the country being full and not having room for anymore immigrants or asylum seeks was just idiotic. Had anyone else given that rank he would have been mocked on twitter, FB, and national media. They ALL know he is an embarrassment. White supremacy won't allow them to be ashamed of another white man no matter what kind of fool he makes of himself. The pundits will all talk around it claiming a complex situation, Trumps anger, someone else's fristration.

Think what they would be saying had Herman Cain given that same rant. He would have been laughed at and mocked by the broadcasters and tweets. They just pretend that somehow it is normal to have a freaking idiot for President. No now will say, "What a fool we have for President. This guy is a shameful, embarrassing, racist, idiot. (whom we likely voted for).

He is a functional illiterate approaching insanity.

So at what point does the Congress and the Courts hold Trump accountable for his lawlessness?

When do they charge him for endangering the safety and security of the citizens by setting an example of lawless disregard for actual enacted laws?

Trump and Trump alone is responsible for the crisis at the border. His threats and bitter

speech has caused a rush to seek asylum before it's too late. The numbers have gone up since Trump took over. Why doesn't he brag about that. He likes to say he beats Obama's numbers in everything else.

So Trump wants to stop immigration. Is that ALL immigration? Does that include Russian immigrants?

Does his chain migration angst include all the pregnant Russian and Asian women coming here to have their babies?
Melania's parents are here precisely because of chain migration. Will he send them back?

He doesn't want immigrants of color" Does that include Indian immigrants, Saudi immigrants, Egyptian immigrants?

Just what kind of immigration is he against? ALL immigration, I guess.

How much of this will the country. specifically the GOP, allow?

My message to O'Rouke and Buttigieg

Don't allow the RW pundits to dredge up animosity between you. You are both running the relay on the same team. You may be running in different lanes but at the end of the race we want to be on the winning team. I believe the Democrats have fielded the most intelligent, patriotic, strong, civil servants, and decent primary team in decades. We are all in this together and we are stronger together. All ideas on the table right now are winners for American workers, teachers, children, elders, veterans, and families trying to make ends meet. All we need to do is to stay focused and state our positions clearly and simply and persistently. Ignore the ignorant and mindless haters. We are better than they are.

So what happened to the Flip/Flop charges? Trump flips and flops on every thing. No media trolling

like they did to Gore, Kerry, and even Romney. I guess maybe because his flips and flops are really mostly lies?

Well, I guess every woman that Biden has ever known could come forward. He is the comforter-in-chief

Old, young, black, white, Asian, and even some men. I really hate to see this happen to a life-long servant of the people and a very decent man who has suffered much loss in his life. What have we all become that we can laugh off an admitted pussy-grabber and throw someone like VP Biden under a runaway bus. Shame on us.

Stacey is the real deal. If only this country weren't so racist. Why do I say that?

I watched a white male owner of an auto parts business at the border. He admitted that he was being hurt by Trump's policies at the border and that closing the border would hurt him badly and might even cause him to lose his business. When asked if would vote for Trump again, he said "Yes" because he felt Trump was doing a good job.

Then I remembered an interview with a poor white woman who said she hoped Obamacare would be repealed bust she really liked the ACA that was her insurance. When told by the interviewer that the ACA was actually Obamacare, she said she still wanted Obamacare to fail and that she didn't care and would never vote for Obama.

Bottom line for these people: I would rather be hurt by the white buy than helped by the black guy. And don't do anything to help me if it helps somebody else who doesn't look like me.

These are dire times. If you watched the documentary on Murdoch enterprise and its links to Brexit and other RW movements across the globe you know that things look pretty dim.

The global good feelings of hope and change that Obama ushered in was quickly shattered as oligarch and despots across the globe set in place plans and actions to destroy the hopes and aspirations of ordinary people all over the world as duly elected leaders who were for the people were overthrown and murdered or imprisoned and their supporters labeled "terrorists" ore "rebels." It is going to take a surprising global uprising of the people who have grown weary of living under the constant destruction by bombs, starvation, disease, and the indifference of their rich and powerful leaders. That's asking a lot.

Madam Speaker must begin giving frequent pressers and insist that the media cover them.

That is the only way to convince the public that this House is not just spending time on getting Trumps'a taxes and the full Mueller report.

The publick needs to know exactly what is going on.
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