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allgood33's Journal
allgood33's Journal
November 26, 2018

Nobody seems to be talking about the impact of Trump's tariffs on GM closing plants.

It's not the only factor but every story I read about it has buried in it the impact of steel and other tariffs.


November 26, 2018

People keep expressing exasperation with Mueller investigation...Watergate took much more time

I believe that Mueller is taking his time because he is going to not only take down Trump...but almost all the MFs supporting and enabling him. Even those so-called oligarchs and enablers (like Adlestein and Koch) who have given millions to the causes Trump pushes. I believe when Mueller get through, it will an almost complete draining of the GOP swamp and a clean broom sweep exposing the dirty deeds of the guilty GOP.

November 26, 2018

The dark-side despots are about to indulge themselves in more annexations, occupations,

and corruption as Trump signal his indifference to their deeds. Signaling that the US will no longer cling to their human rights values and offer no consequences for their bad, inhumane, and sometimes brutal behavior, Trump has freed Bibi, Putin, MbS and Assad to do whatever the f**k they want to do to the people and the lands they are after.

Has there been a single day since being sworn in that Trump has engaged in anything to benefit the hard-working citizens of the US or the suffering, disadvantaged people of the world? His tax cus were not his, but an ready made plan by the horrible GOP Representatives and Senators just waiting for his signature. Nothing else was his own either, as Miller and others put before him a pile Executive Orders signed by President Obama that he could rescind. Nothing really is "his claim to fame" except the tragic tariffs that will begin to suck the economic life-blood out of the global economy.

Here we are suffering through the most ignorant, ill-informed, corrupt and evil bastard to ever bumble into the Presidency and just waiting for the shoes to be dropped (or thrown). All this after the most decent, most scandal free and successful President of, at least in my lifetime.

Today, after the happy vibes of the Democrats taking over the House, things are beginning to look a little dimmer for the rest of the world as we are feeling that some things might get better for us come January. SIGHHHHHHHHHHH.....

November 25, 2018

Obviously they changed the recipe for Town House crackers. No longer flakey and buttery,

Sad. Now they all taste like doughy Ritz crackers.

November 25, 2018

Please don't mess with the Saudi puppet in the White House!


Criticism of Trump seems to be the real reason behind the death of the Khashoggi's death.
November 24, 2018

Make no mistake. The ultra-RW extremist are fueling the violent protest in France.

The world-wide Trumpian supporters are going to try to use the fuel tax to bring down Marcon. Trump hates him and so does Brennon and the Brexit folks. They will find an opening in Germany as well.

Trump will use this to prop up his support of Saudi Arabia...saying that our oil prices are low because of his relationship with the Prince...they have him by the balls and he has this nation by the throat.

November 24, 2018

Face the facts. And the lame media ought to be reporting this every time 45 opens his mouth

Obama faced an economy at the abyss when entering office. Some economist say it was the worst recession or depression since FDR. Most of the world was in economic trouble at the same time.

The fact is that Trump faced no such economic peril when he came into office. It was not "a mess" like he lies every time he gets a chance to speak. Obama had turned the economy around and his health care agenda really helped to do that. When Trump came into office the US economy was on an upswing, needing only to have the GOP-loving corporate oligarchs to lend a helping hand by doing what they should have done for President Obama (get in the game and bring that off-shore money back home.) None of those insane tax cuts were needed to do that since corporations were enjoying profits at historic highs at the time.

Trump did not inherit a mess but he did start making a mess. This is the story that needs to be told by the media in every format possible and in every media outlet possible.

Since it doesn't appear that the media will do it, it is up to EVERY DEMOCRAT IN CONGRESS to do it every chance they get. Even the newbies in the House and Senate need to do this to get it set firmly in the heads of voters before 2020.

Yes, we need a bold new agenda. Facts and truth ought to be a major part of that agenda...not tearing down the Democrats who had to fight trough the tough times, making hard decisions and sometimes losing their own jobs for doing the right thing. I love the new Democrats now in office but they will be making a huge mistake if they do not recognize and honor our past while building our future. We only have each other to carry the facts and truth forward and we should be unified when we do it.

November 23, 2018

I'm out on a limb here but anyone else out there think Rachel is spreading herself too thin?

Her nightly broadcast are getting to be fewer and fewer and not as substantive as they used to be. I miss of in-depth coverage of current events and exceptional "scoops"

Her podcasts are good but she was doing a public service with her nightly coverage of current news events...now MSNBC as become just a regurgitation of the daily programming and the same news that is repeated over and over again.

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