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Member since: Fri Oct 19, 2018, 08:49 PM
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Well--it happened. Someone I know well just died from COVID

A soccer mom who I know fairly well just died from COVID after getting sick 8 days ago. Her daughter was a couple of years old than my daughter and she would train my daughter from time to time. I would talk to the mom on the sidelines, or we'd be together at soccer parties. A wonderful lady full of optimism and a strong influence on her kids to always be kind yet strong as well (stick up for yourself).

She and her husband were childhood sweethearts. Her husband must be absolutely devasted. She was the glue of the family. Has 2 other children as well so she's leaving behind a husband and 3 kids.

She wasn't vaccinated. It wasn't due to politics, she was afraid. She had read some of the disinformation out there and believed it. Now she's gone.

Another friend had just been texting her 2 days ago. She said she was in the ICU because "they want to get control of my cough".

I am beyond shock. Only 49. Again, extremely kind and caring woman without a mean bone in her body. She was just afraid, now she's gone.

LOL--Walking Dead and Anti-vax

This made me laugh:

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