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Member since: Fri Oct 19, 2018, 08:49 PM
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Woman falsely accused of hit and run despite video evidence to contrary (Scottsdale)

Wow...how are these police still working? And "qualified immunity"? How is it possible this doesn't violate her civil rights??? What am I missing?

"Our troops have the situation under control and are processing people as fast as they can"


A very interesting thread on the history of Afghanistan and emergence of the Taliban

I found this thread very informative. It talks about the various factions (if that's the right term)Taliban vs Mujahideen vs Pashtu vs Afghan. Saudi Arabia's involvement. How the Taliban came to be, etc.


I want to be a dog

I just started taking pictures again after a long hiatus, probably at least 3 years. Dealing with some depression and then COVID came along and--bam!--no energy to do anything creative. Been a member of DU forever but never thought of subscribing to the Photography forum (no idea why). Anyway, got out my camera and tried to take some pictures of my labs doing their favorite activity--chasing the tennis ball. Sort of hard to throw the ball and then try to focus the camera, but it's a start. Glad I found this group.

Biden signs bill to award Congressional Medal to US Capitol Police--now this is a real President

Today President Biden signed a bill to award Congressional Gold Medals to the US Capitol Police. Below is a live stream of the whole event but what really touched my heart was the way President Biden interacted with the families, especially the children afterward. That happens around the 17:00 mark. Made me tear up seeing a real human President with empathy. What this country truly needs.

Same video on Biden twitter feed:


Lol--Sir Anthony (Canadian comedian posing as Trump Supporter)

I've been following this guy on twitter for a while now. He's so good with his sarcasm that many take him seriously and get offended (and that's also an indication of just how extreme Trump supporters that people don't catch that it's sarcasm.)

This one is pretty clearly sarcasm but one of his best so far. "We won't be gestopped" (as in gestapo)"

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