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Member since: Fri Oct 19, 2018, 08:49 PM
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Antiviral cocktail for COVID-19

Iíve been keeping a close eye on COVID-19 antivirals these last few months as I feel they will be key to fighting COVID due to its ability to mutate so rapidly. I ran across an interesting paper which suggests combining two types of antiviral medsóthe new polymerase inhibitors being developed for COVID and existing antivirals used to fight Hep Cómight be the key.

I donít pretend to understand all the science presented in this article, but sort of reading between the lines it seems Hep C antivirals attack one critical replication method of RNA viruses and the COVID-19 antivirals in clinical trials attack a different mechanism. Together they may effective at stopping COVID-19. At least thatís the way I read it. Someone much smarter than me may be able to decipher the information in this article more clearly.


Interesting response to anti-mask--would this work?

Ran across this on FB. Who knows if the person really did use this response but it's brilliant. (Can't find the link to the original FB post as it's not on my timeline anymore, but it amused me so much I had made a screenshot).

"Yesterday I was standing in line at a local store. I was wearing a mask, but the woman behind me wasn't. "Those masks don't prevent COVID," she said. I told her, "Not really, but didn't you hear about the new spy technology Biden has enacted to keep track of all of us? The mask blocks that facial recognition software and the government can't track us." She said "really? Where'd you find that out?" "I saw it last night on Fox News. They had the machines on there and everything and showed how wearing a mask makes it useless. We can really prevent Biden's plans if we wear a mask." As I left I heard her on her phone telling someone. "

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