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Biden doesn't want to give student loan relief to kids who went to private schools?

I hope this was just a poorly worded statement:

“ In reference to student loan cancellation, Biden said “it depends whether or not you went to a private or public university.” Specifically, Biden referred to potential student loan cancellation at schools like “Harvard and Yale and [the University of Pennsylvania]”

My daughter worked her *ss off and got into Stanford. We’re in that dreaded income range that it’s towards upper middle class so we’re always barely above the income cutoff for stimulus, etc. We live in a very expensive state (CA) and we have 3 kids we’re helping put through school. All three had to take out loans and we’re dipping into our savings. But because my kid got into Stanford by busting her butt she will be penalized? That isn’t right. Not every kid that got into a private school is high income. Wow.

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