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This is how the media stokes fear with blatantly hyperbolized (and inaccurate) headlines

The headline reads "Several California Children sick after receiving wrong dose of COVID Vaccine".

Grabs your attention, right? Then as you read through the article you see the 14 children were given the adult dose of the COVID Vaccine by accident. Of those 14 children, only two were reported as "staying home due to stomaches".

Also, further down in the article it states:

"Chin-Hong says during clinical trials, kids were given 10, 20, and the adult dose of 30 micrograms. He says negative effects in those higher doses were not seen."

The 14 children were given 20 micrograms. Those doses were included in the clinical trial with no negative effects.

How does 2 children being kept home with stomaches become "several California children sick after receiving wrote does of COVID vaccine"???



EDIT: I originally wrote that the children were given the adult dose of the COVID vaccine but in re-reading the article they were given 20 micrograms and the adult dose is 30 micrograms. Again, the clinical trials tested 10 , 20, and 30 micrograms in children with no ill effects. I'm assuming they went with the lowest dose that could achieve proper immunity.

Neighbor's 11-year old developed MIS from a mild case of COVID

My neighbor's 11-year old son, who was an extremely active and healthy 11-year old, started spiking fevers of up to 104 about 4 weeks after he recovered from a very mild case of COVID. The fevers would come and go, but he kept gradually getting worse. They ran some tests and saw his creatinine levels were very high. After going in and out of the hospital, tests and more tests, his kidneys continued to get worse. They finally diagnosed him with multisystem inflammatory syndrome, mostly likely caused by his COVID infection.

He's back in the hospital where they are putting him on IV steroids in the hopes of saving his kidneys. His mom wasn't vaccinated but she got vaxxed as soon as her son started showing symptoms of MIS. That was what it took to convince her. Her son didn't get COVID from her, he got it from school, but she's still feeling horrible guilt.

All these parents who are saying they won't allow their kids to have an "experimental vaccine" are playing with fire.

Pfizer antiviral pill 89% effective in preventing hospitalization or death from COVID

Good news!


High School crowd yell disgusting slurs at female goalie

Has anyone seen this? (I apologize if itís already been posted). How was this game not stopped? In one of the comments a former resident of this area said itís a very heavy Trump area. That would make sense as to why no adults did anything. Even so itís enraging.

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