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Member since: Fri Oct 19, 2018, 08:49 PM
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Ugh--our media!! Where is the coverage on Russian bounties?

Why arenít we hearing more about the bounties Russia paid the Taliban for killing US Soldiers??? No, weíre onto the next distraction. Todayís headline was ďTrump wears mask at while touring laboratory.Ē Seriously???? Why not ďTrump flosses teeth after brushing.Ē Or ďTrump washes hands after using urinal.Ē Dear God.

If I were a family member of one of the soldiers killed by bounty rewarded Taliban Iíd be all the more traumatized by the fact that we LEARNED this horrible information about bounties being paid, yet ignored the story for what equates to a gossip rag story.

Iím furious. The media, our Government representatives, our military, and the citizenís of the United Stars need to demand answers! Donít let up until we do.

21 year old son getting tested today for COVID

My son works part-time at FedEx loading and unloading semiís. They donít wear masks while working inside the trucks as it would be almost impossible in the conditions (over 100 degree heat, ridiculous pace expected. Try doing bench press and squats continuously for 5 hours in 100+ heat, only one 10 minute break, and you get the idea). FedEx requires they wear masks in the building break rooms, etc, and there is only one loader per semi truckóso I guess they assume itís safe. They retrofitted all doors so that you can open with your feet.

Anyway, he started coughing 2 days ago and had a headache and very slight fever (99 degrees but he is usually 97). I started him on Cold Eeze zinc lozenges immediately. Today he feels pretty good. temp 98.3, but since there has been more than one person who tested positive at FedEx they want him to get tested.

Iím not really worried about him (knock on wood), but I just donít want to get sick or my husband. We bought some HEPA air cleaners and have one running in his room and in ours. The good thing is heís literally never out of his room when home, even before he started feeling sick. Sleeping or playing online games (he goes back to school in the fall). Weíve also been super careful about making sure everyone in our family wears masks when they go out. Now when he leaves his room for anywhere else in the house he wears a mask and uses hand sanitizer before touching anything.

Iíll keep everyone posted. If, God forbid, he tests positive but we (hopefully) remain negative it will tell me if our precautions worked.

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