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Member since: Fri Oct 19, 2018, 07:49 PM
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Psychiatrist: Trump Supporters think like 5 year olds

I apologize if this video has been posted before, but I just stumbled across it and thought I'd share. It gave me some real insight into why Trump supporters continue to support Trump no matter what. Basically their thought process and the way the view the world is akin to how a normal 5-year old sees the world. It's just that most people develop beyond that.

EDIT: Many are pointing out that the advice given at the end for how to combat Trump seems completely wrong. I absolutely agree! While the explanation from the psychologist re: Trump voters and why they support him no matter what made sense to me, the advice the video maker gave at the end for how to deal with Trump seemed exactly opposite of what needs to be done. Hillary DID give a lot of policy, maybe too much even. You can't combat people who are driven by emotion with "boring" policy. That made zero sense.

Is it just me, or are others disturbed reading posts mocking people who died from COVID-19

Iíve seen many posts on a different (progressive) site where they will cite a story about Trump supporters doing something stupid and ending up dying from coronavirus. The comments are brutal, mocking, and almost celebratory. To me they sound like comments Trump supporters would make. If it were just one or two stories thatís one thing, but Iíve seen several now and these types of mocking comments are the rule, not the exception.

One example was the couple in AZ who took fish tank chloroquine and the husband died. I heard an interview of the wife and it was absolutely heart breaking. It was clear this couple was TERRIFIED and wouldnít venture out of their home (so they werenít putting anyone else at risk). They believed Trump and were desperate to protect themselves. After her husbandís death the woman was filled with grief and pleaded with people not to believe what Trump or anyone but the doctorís said. It broke my heart. Yet the overwhelming response from this particular popular liberal site was to laugh and mock about how stupid they were and thatís what they get for believing Trump. To talk about Darwin awards.

I donít get it. Canít we at least be human?
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