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Drug reverses age related decline in mice within days of first dose--also may treat ALS/Parkinsons

According to this article this drug could also open up potential breakthrough therapies for diseases like Alzheimer’s, ALS and Parkinson’s.


Flu cases WAY down due to COVID measures

Happily (and not surprisingly) flu is waaaay down due to all the precautions taken for COVID. Though there is an increase in flu shots being given, that's not enough to account for flu being down 98% in the US and only 51 positive cases out of 83,000 tests in Australia, Chile, and South Africa combined.

I've always been a bit frustrated at the over-focus on flu shots over other precautions like hand-washing, etc. Though the CDC would mention hand-washing as being an important part of flu prevention, it was always more of a footnote. SO much focus on the flu shot that it made many believe they were now immune (or, if they did get sick, it wouldn't be as bad of a case). So why bother with hand-washing?


Excerpt from linked article:

"These findings suggest that certain community mitigation measures might be useful adjuncts to influenza vaccination during influenza seasons, particularly for populations at highest risk for developing severe disease or complications."

Gee, ya think??

Wow, how did I miss this performance of Stairway to Heaven? (Ann Wilson at Kennedy Perf Arts)

And the Obamas were in the audience too. Man, I miss normal times ...

Note to media: It's a CON! Stop giving airtime to Trump and associates election claims!

Trump is in his element right now, laughing all the way to the bank. All these outrageous claims made by Trump, Rudy, Jenna Ellis, etc. are outrageous for a reason—to get the media to talk about it!!! Trump knows how to get his idiot supporters to believe anything so why is the media allowing themselves to be his microphone. They might as well include links to Trump’s fundraising PACS.

Everyone asks questions like “Why would an attorney like Jenna Ellis, who used to hate Trump, go down into the gutter with him?” MONEY!!! It’s not that hard to figure out!

Until something that could legitimately throw a wrench into the 2020 election happens the media needs to stop being Trump’s stooge. Actually that is giving the media too much credit, they know exactly what’s going on and are playing along for their own selfish reasons—ratings (which also boils down to money). So sick of it.

Sidney Powell retweets Trump cancel "January 6" Georgia runoff

As maddening as this tweet is, I missed the fact that is listed the wrong date for the Georgia runoff, but 2 sharp eyed twitter users didn’t. I laughed out loud.

Original tweet:


Two replies:


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