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University of Houston Women's Soccer Team players develop rhabdomyolosis after "punishment workout"

Wow, just saw this article today. The punishment workout actually happened on 2/2018 but there was a report on this released June 14, 2019. The University of Houston women's soccer team was subjected to a punishment workout because 2 players ate some food meant for the football team (yes, seriously--that was their crime). They were exercised so harshly that 12 developed rhabdomyolysis--a serious condition that can result in renal failure. One player was hospitalized for 5 days. How is the Head Coach still coaching? The strength and training coach was fired, but it was the head coach who admitted in an email that he uses "physical punishment". In fact, "physical punishment" was in the Women's Soccer Team manual.

"Players were scared: The player said Bocanegra uttered obscenities as many struggled. “Get up, Get the F up. This is your fault. Get up,' just, like, over and over again,” she said. She said the team was too fearful to speak up. "No one was going to say anything. Everyone was so scared." The workout lasted for nearly an hour and the player said she felt “tortured almost” afterward."


The athletic director, Mike Pezman, refused to be interviewed.
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