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Forecasts show ERCOT may need reserve power Thursday afternoon, as demand could reach all-time high

Houston Chronicle
Shelby Webb, Staff writer
Updated: June 23, 2022 10:56 a.m.

Forecasts on ERCOT's website show the state's non-profit grid operator may need to dip into power reserves or implement emergency actions later this afternoon.

ERCOT's current estimates show it may need to start pulling reserve power online by 3 p.m. and could continue to do so until shortly after 9 p.m.

Demand, driven by record temperatures and population growth, could reach an all-time system high of 77,895 megawatts by 5 p.m. That's slightly above the estimates ERCOT forecasters projected for all-time summer peak, which they expected to hit in August. The previous record for demand was set on Monday, with 75,080 megawatts being used.


ERCOT, overseen by the Public Utility Commission of Texas, has been operating in a more conservative manner in efforts to stave off tight grid conditions like might be seen later today. Its independent market monitor has estimated the grid manager has likely spent more than half a billion dollars through May buying more reserve power and changing its operations to bring more power online sooner in tight grid conditions.


no paywall: http://archive.today/dEGbz


I will temporarily block out our highest afternoon Sun exposure windows with cardboard to keep the house cooler if we face rolling blackouts. Keeping my fingers crossed that ERCOT rolls the power in a sane way and that, if needed, we only lose power for fifteen minutes every few hours.
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