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Luntz, the propagandizer for the party that ate decency...

Needs to STFU.

He and all the maybe never tRumpers should thank that booing crowd for showing that this country still has an immune system against tyranny. One that can recognize when the supreme pathogen is in their midst.

Show him respect, luntz moans? Does he mean, bow, clap, and pretend that everything is just fine? The pResident goes from ivory tower to tower, then golf$, then leads a hate rally with a gallon of hand sanitizer hidden in the podium. Hes a disgrace to the office he holds, and deserves to hear some negative feedback when he singularly wanders from his comfy environs.

Is outrageous this is occurring in 21st century America.

The attitude of the collections attorney is chilling. He feeds upon the downtrodden without guilt and enjoys the quiet of his economically depressed town. Hes in such an ugly bubble of his own making that to call someone a Hassenplug (his name) could be an epithet rivaling any of those lobbed at tRump.

On edit: I had to revisit the must read article and was compelled to comment further on how astoundingly awful a hassenplug can be.

Astros beat the Yankees in the 11th!!!

I love these post season slog games.

Go Stros!

Yes, and I thought her interview on Hayes' show was bold

So good, that I took a picture of the TV screen during the interview.

Hopefully, her book I preordered will be waiting for me when I arrive home in some days.
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