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Gender: Female
Hometown: Houston/Georgetown/Austin
Current location: Texas
Member since: Thu Oct 18, 2018, 11:32 PM
Number of posts: 1,352

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His presidency is a crime spree.

This fiat by tweet smells like stock manipulation and a shakedown for campaign contributions. Extortion to bring political opponents to heel and confederates to payout.

By now, he and his advisors should darn well know the consequences of his Twitter fingers on the markets. He and all of his market guys, billionaire buddies, know he can dump stocks on a whim. Sooo, I'd like to know who in his circle owns/shorted those stocks or associated plays. Good grief, he tanked the market, after Powell sort of smoothed things over. When does willful idiocy become premeditated manipulation?

Trade wars are easy he said. Tell that one again to the retired teacher trying to transfer funds and chose the wrong day to sell some of their modest portfolio. Tell that lie again to the farmers losing their shirts.

And he signalled that he wants companies to dragnet deliveries for fentanyl, as if there aren't limitations and screens for the stuff already in place. Seems this is the sort of thing that needs to be searched at the ports...amirite, Cocaine Mule Moscow Mitch? But no, that wouldn't have the same effect as his chilling chaos-making upon corporate free speech money.

Our capitalist system has become so corrupt that it's wrapped itself around, and is eating its tail, and turning into corporate/nationalist socialism. The free hand of the market? Ha. Yeah right, increasingly it's more like the little orange fingers in the market jerking everyone around. The mess of it didn't start with him, or the Citizens United decision, but have been accelerants for the economic cynicism and corruption that lead to payola over real value creation.

(Please note, I've used some hyperbole and taken liberties with terms like payola instead of using 'rent seeking' because I believe it has greater, more immediate artful meaning to more people. I'm not entirely comfortable describing the current state of our capitalistic system as corporate nationalist socialist, but I'd argue it has features of such. Mostly, that paragraph echoes in-person conversations I've had with family members who've been trained to view Democrats as mooching socialists. I made at least one of them blush, and maybe think twice about their certainty on the matter.)

Bwah. Ha. Hahaha.

I needed this. It's so true.

YEEEEEOOWWW!!! This is the fight!

The civil fight for our democracy.

Give money and/or time to Stacy's FairFight2020. I have no doubt her campaign will have positive results.

Volunteer to GOTV... It's a rush every time you tell a young person that the voting age is 18, not 21. Or that person who just moved and had not updated their registration. Or that student that thinks they have to travel home to vote, etc.

This is what democracy looks like!

Yes! This! Thank you!

Commenting especially to journal this, so I can revisit the turn you've made in the thread. I appreciate the OP, but cannot let myself get bogged down to the point of feeling hopeless.

Gonna keep on gettin' up and standing up.

So, then,,, hehhhh....GOPers don't have to think about keeping the district (R)ed

Texas already has three Rs not running for reelection. tRumpers need to be able to ride on incumbencies like ratcliffe's. This way they won't have to shuffle, launder, lavish or rathole money around the state as much for the open seats. Perhaps won't get as many questions about income disparity in the 4th district, or current states of its superfund sites, etc.

I'll breathe a little easier until the next unqualified, partisaned-to-hell hack is nominated for DNI.

Good reference to have! Bookmarked and journaled. nt

Once again, tirelessly, she brings it all together.

Yes, thank you, Rachel Maddow.

(Disclaimer: I have not watched but the first two hours of today's hearings. Will form my own opinion over the next few hours/day as I consume more of the footage. I encourage folks to watch Rachel's show, despite my general policy of being careful with causing a knee jerk echo chamber from a cable news program - of which I am a regular/avid viewer.)

The story of this nightmare is compelling when you stand back and take it in... Couldn't believe how far she traveled in the first 29 mins. I want answers to the questions she raised.

Why, Mueller, did you not think it important enough to clearly pursue Trump's taxes?

And, how on Earth, did the secrecy of Trump Tower Moscow not carry more weight in his prosecutorial methods and deliberations with regard to criminal intent and the implications of extortion under the scheme of tyrannical governance blah to the influences of a hostile power that we now face?

PS. No, I have not read the entire report, but I have it, and will do so.

Dang, that's good. Kick. nt

Bookmarked and journaled, nt

I agree with you, Rufus

I'm in my forties, so there's one difference in our views. I've spent my adult life watching the republicans get away with breaking rules and stacking the deck, again and again. All the while, wondering when there's been enough of it? When is it no longer the time for politics as usual?

I appreciate MM's opinion, and ensuing discussions, whether or not I agree with him. I have a great deal of uncertainty in regards to when to pursue impeachment, but little doubt as to whether Dems should initiate the inquiries.

How is Helsinki and the Mueller Report not enough? I mean, there's video and a book. tRump may have his base and fox news, et al, but they don't represent majority opinion across a number of key issues. And, so what if it doesn't make it thru McConnell's senate, then call on him to answer, either officially or thru the media, for his dereliction of duty.

Now, all that said, I respect Pelosi, and I'm willing to wait until the timing is right. It's not like I'm going to leave the Democratic party or not fight like hell for us to win in 2020.

(I laughed at the apt comparisons of the Acosta family photo to the Shining, but I didn't recommend the thread, so I'm not sure how much I need to adjust my moral compass, yet. Images of powerful people's children have been newsworthy forever, and this one was so, eh, pointed as to require at least acknowledging the likeness to a very popular movie against the backdrop of what the two men in the photo represent. I think a side by side of the Acosta photo to one of an overcrowded cell of detainees would have triggered a mostly serious thread. My brain made the association regardless, and I ultimately felt chilled and saddened. One of the best values instilled in me by my elders is the importance of respecting children as you would any fellow human being. I don't think people were mocking the kids, as there's really so much to that particular photo. Sooo, I'll take on half a smiting from you, MM, and thank you for trying to elevate the conversation even if I think your charges were a little harsh.)
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