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Gender: Female
Hometown: Houston/Georgetown/Austin
Current location: Texas
Member since: Thu Oct 18, 2018, 11:32 PM
Number of posts: 1,346

Journal Archives

Ah, shucks, you're the one feeling thru things here on the regular

I don't half know where to place my Jesus-loving, Buddhist-minded, atheistic self, but I know I'm not that far from those who appreciate the beauty of those whom can feel: people are good/ can be good. I have to believe this. I'm good with such an assumption.

You're good. We're good. We just need to lift up? Yes?

That's what I feel. Doesn't make it any easier to witness these cruelties upon us and those stupidly considered different from us.

Is just how I'm going thru this - I really have no idea, but I have to keep going...& you tooo! We shall resist, persist, and survive. There's too many answers to human life's problems to let the profiteers of cruelty get away with their designs.

Oh gosh, goodness

She was awesome. That campaign ad? Are you kidding me? She. Is. A. Badass.

Carter - I have family members who voted against him. Wouldn't know it to run into them at Walmart. I'm related to like half of Williamson County, seriously, like would not date anyone from there growing up. My folks people, who are the smart hillbillies, are tired of being asked to dig their own graves with a smile.

The thing about Citizens United: people don't know what it is

It needs to be explained and re-explained. Talked about, because it's out in the ether.

Cornyn as water boy, hah, hehehe, yeah, and...

Amongst friends, I've called Cornyn a big leather chair with cigar burns.

Bell is a perennial candidate, and I'm gonna have to look at things a little closer. I'm not dissing him, I'm pondering. I like having a real primary coming up in TX.

My issue with the tweet in the OP:

This ain't on Brett the boofer, it's on Clarence the coke-canner.

One cannot assert who registered the domain from the info given from GoDaddy - can save that privacy/anonymity debate for later. We don't know it was kavanaugh.

The Judicial Crisis Network is some conservative group likely hellbent on taking away women's rights, because beer, guns, and the Bible. I really don't know, but they seem to run the site with Carrie Severino, "a former law clerk for supreme court justice Clarence Thomas.[1]"* as their, uhm, leader.

*Wikipedia entry for Judicial Crisis Network as I read it on 9/18/19 @ 8:00 pm CT: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Judicial_Crisis_Network

Yes, and I recommend watching Berke's questioning

For the most concise drilling down as to why lewandowski was called before the committee.

Starts at about 06:02:40

Whoohoo! I'm first. Thank you. Ly. eom

I chipped in!

Will keep tabs on this race and mention it to a friend that lives close to, but not in the district - which contains the wealthy enclave of Fulshear.

Just listened to this for the tenth time since yesterday

Shared with a couple of people this afternoon. Am journaling to listen again later to his distinctively Texan drawl, eloquently speaking truth to power.

Maybe because it's been a day

Maybe because the mayor of NYC on 9/11/01, ugh, sigh, gag, tweeted a fascist propaganda video this morning.

Maybe because the tweeter-in-chief doesn't see me as a human because money never equated time in his upbringing.

Maybe because Deb Butler did what shouldn't have to be done in a governing body in the United States on the anniversary of the day we were simply trying to get out the door and stopped.

Maybe just because I saw the texture of the edge on the nearly full moon, I remain heartful.

Nonetheless, my blood boiled, too.
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