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Member since: Thu Oct 18, 2018, 12:26 PM
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This is facial recognition brought to a whole new level of CREEPY

Really disturbing and shocking stuff. Damn

Chinese school uses facial recognition to monitor student attention in class


The computer will pick up seven different emotions, including neutral, happy, sad, disappointed, angry, scared and surprised.

If it concludes that the student is distracted with other thoughts during the class, it will send a notification to the teacher to take action.

Many Chinese have grown accustomed to their privacy being infringed by the government and corporations, but people have been expressing horror about the new system on Chinese social media.

"If I was still at school, I would not be able to concentrate on anything but that watching eye!" said one comment on Sina Weibo, China's version of Twitter.


Blues Documentary - Amzing archival film footage - Inc Obama commentary

"Music created by the poorest people in the wealthiest nation on Earth"

Extremely well done documentary. Includes cameo of Obama speaking about Muddy Waters moving to Chicago.

A suggestion for DU

Let me first say that hopefully the Mueller Report is released but I have my doubts. That said the fight needs to be fought and let Dems in Congress fight to death to get it released but I think every site like DU and every person that opposes Trump needs to start keeping front and central the crimes and scandals that go back years.

Just today on Democracy Now David Cay Johnson mention how Trump's Castle Casino was the only casino in Atlantic City that was proven to have cheated customers. I consider myself well informed and never knew that.

Among the uninformed (not DUers) Trump's crimes are getting drowned out so my suggestion is that on DU's Home Page - front and centre - there be a "Cheat Sheet" a space dedicated to "The Many Scandals of Donald Trump: A Cheat Sheet" where there are threads that never die until that fucker croaks or gets booted out of Office. A dedicated space where his crimes are recorded and discussed and people see it the moment they hit Home Page.

This is what I have in mind


Do You Think You've Hit Bottom? Oh No! There's a Bottom Below

Malvina Reynolds tells it like is but with some sorely needed toe tapping humor


There's the nightmare kind where you fall and fall,
And you wake to find you haven't been dreaming at all.
Do you think you've hit bottom?
Do you think you've hit bottom?
Oh, no.
There's a bottom below.


IMHO the end of Mueller investigation will be pyschologically

devastating for Trump. This is start of of Trump's personal Vietnam hellhole

I've have personal experience living through what can only be described as an unending horror flick, where one terrifying scene ends only for another to begin. In my experience a brief reprieve in stress is actually worse. One's hopes are restored only to the walls crash in again.

I've never been in a war but I'm sure that is what war is like - one battle ends only to find booby traps and another battle just about to begin.

Its my opinion Trump has depleted his inner reserves and will find it hard to keep it together emotionally now that the other investigations will be front and center. I think let himself believe that the end of Mueller would be the end of his problems.

WOW!!!1963 Muddy Waters, Memphis Slim, Willy Dixon, Otis Spann et al - Bye Bye Blues

Otis Spann, Big Joe Williams, Sonny Boy Williamson, Willie Dixon, Lonnie Johnson ,Victoria Spivey, Muddy Waters, Memphis Slim, (1963)

omg what a video

Seriousy this needs to be the offical anthem of those opposing the Orange POS

Unbelievable song. Hold on to your seats. Beth Hart's emotion certainly expresses how I'm feeling about the scum slithering around the White House


You got no right to take my joy I want it back
No right to take my joy I want it back
You took my joy and I want it back
You took my joy and I want it back

Amazing. Reallyamazing blues! Sinad O'Connor & Imelda May - Every Night About This Time

Pure soul! Standout performance! BLACK TEARS - Imelda May and Jools Holland

Great stuff

Snarkiest Blues Song Ever! "Preachin Blues"

The two female vocalists/guitar players are sisters

Go to 2:30 to skip the Intro

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