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Member since: Wed Oct 10, 2018, 04:36 PM
Number of posts: 1,588

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Trump will hammer this "illegal investigation" and "coup".

He's going to rile his base telling them this is proof the Dems are staging a coup and to be ready to "protect" him. The report will be tied up forever so the Barr letter is all that will be made public and tRump will continue to feed his masses raw, red meat. Watch this space.

Lindsey's threat. Either drop the investigations, or we'll start the Hillary investigations again.

This is what he'd saying. Don't even read the report. Stop right now and we'll drop everything.

Now I guess the Senate will start an investigation into the deep state of the intelligence agencies.

Lindsey is chomping at the bit...

THE BIG LIE HAS BEEN TOLD. It will continue to be told over and over again.

Get used to it.

Anybody for a little Carpenters?

We've Only Just Begun...


Barr Summary: NOTHINGBERDER nt

Fox's John Roberts gets a taste of what it's like when Fox News fans get a taste of truth..too funny

Fox twitter wits lash out at John Roberts for reporting tRump golfing with Kid Rock...


Mueller Report: Maybe it's up to the Justice Dept. to file charges on Russia collusion.

The charges that Mueller filed before the end of the report had to do with crimes found while investigating Russian interference. Perhaps it's up to the Justice Department now to file charges relating to crimes found regarding crimes OF Russian interference and conspiracy in the election. One can hope it's up to the justice department.

Interesting USA Today article on the way Pete Buttigieg operated as mayor

Seems he made some mistakes and learned from them. Seems he saw when something worked well, he invested more in it. Good article. At least my read on it. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/elections/2019/03/21/pete-buttigieg-democratic-presidential-hopeful/3233064002/

They better knock Buttigieg out of the running before any debates or the others are toast...

I've been watching this guy in interviews, and unless they are feeding him the questions a week in advance, he's blowing me away. He is so knowledgeable, at ease, and self assured. He'll win any debate hands down. He's winning me over.
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