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Member since: Mon Oct 8, 2018, 10:16 AM
Number of posts: 46

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LA Times/USC/Dornsife poll, generic, Oct 21-27: Dems 57, Rep 40%

Overall, this latest poll, conducted last week, finds Democrats leading 57% to 40% when likely voters were asked for which party’s candidates they plan to vote, a 17-point edge.
That’s a notable increase in Democratic support from the previous week, when the poll found Democrats with a 13-point advantage


The hashtag #MAGAShooter skyrocketing on Twitter

As news comes in that the Pittsburgh synagogue shooter is a right wing nut, the #MAGAShooter goes viral.
Use it.

Researchers: Russian Twitter accounts promoting #FalseFlag hashtag

Researchers compiled trending hashtag coming from Russian troll/bot accounts and found the following:


Wow. Trump sure is keeping Politifact busy

Here's a screenshot of just one portion of Trump's lies in the last two days:

The hashtag #MAGABOMBER is trending heavily on Twitter

I'm loving it.
The bomber is with no doubt a right wing Trump loving nut.

Warning: Don't faint when you see this new Reuters/Ipsos poll

For the week ending October 21st:


Dem. Congressman to Trump: You can't cut aid to foreign countries. That's Congress' job

Donald Trump has vowed to cut aid to Centran American countries if they don't get tough on caravans. But as US Representative Eliot L. Engel, (Ranking Member of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs) notes, Trump can't do that:

Fortunately, Congress—not the President—has the power of the purse, and my colleagues and I will not stand idly by as this Administration ignores congressional intent. My office has reached out to the Government Accountability Office, which is statutorily authorized to track acts of impoundment, to ensure that the President does not violate the Impoundment Control Act


Attention progressive journalists: Find the McConnell heckler (possible GOP hoax)

In this post, I analyze the latest video purporting to show a liberal yelling at Mitch McConnell, and reasons to believe it is a staged:

1) Republicans were just caught in a staged anti-Pelosi "protest" lead by the leader of the Miami GOP. The attempt to blame it on a spontaneous act by Cuban Americans backfired as even Marco Rubio repudiated the fake protest in Twitter.
Getting this out of the news with a fake liberal "harassing" McConnell was necessary.

2) The video was first aired by TMZ, an outlet owned by Trump supporter and fixer Harvey Levin.

3) The alleged genuine protester seen on the video has not been identified by name. I'm hereby calling on progressive journalists to find this possible Republican hoaxer. His name should be released so that everyone can verify his ideology and connections.

Joe Manchin has a 6% lead over Republican opponent in new Post-Kavanaugh poll

A new Vox Populi poll has Joe Manchin still ahead in West Virginia 53-47%.

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