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Member since: Thu Oct 4, 2018, 12:57 PM
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Now it makes sense why Les Wexner started claiming Epstein stole millions from him

Epstein's mentor and enabler Les Wexner (Ohio's richest piece of shit & purveyor of women's underwear) obviously foresaw putting himself further up the line on claims to Epstein's estate...and if it happens at the expense of actual victims having to get in line behind him, so be it.

Yeah...piece of shit.
Posted by PandoraAwakened | Sat Aug 10, 2019, 04:25 PM (4 replies)

tRump Calls El Paso Gunman 'Coward' for---wait for it---for GIVING UP!

Yes, he actually said that.

Buried toward the end of a buzzfeed.com article from Aug.7, titled "Trump Had A Busy Day of Consoling Mass Shooting Victims And Sending Angry Tweets," is an explanation of his visit to El Paso's emergency operations center following his failed visit to the hospital (where none of the remaining victims would see him).

Excerpted from the article:

While shaking hands and signing a few autographs, Trump also spoke with officers about the gunman's surrender and arrest.

"Coward," Trump said. "He gave up, just gave up." (emphasis added)

In other words, now we know the Resident-in-Grief views the shooter as a coward not for gunning down defenseless innocents, but because he didn't go ahead and kill a few police officers too while going down in a blaze of gunfire!

Excuse me, must visit the porcelain goddess now.

Posted by PandoraAwakened | Thu Aug 8, 2019, 11:21 PM (29 replies)

Barr Memo Reveals Semantics of Whitewashing 101

Barr says he's quoting Mueller when he says "[T]he investigation did not establish that Trump campaign members conspired and coordinated with the Russian GOVERNMENT in its election interference activities."

The key word here, of course, is "government." What Barr and his Republiscum cohorts are counting on is that most Americans don't understand the nature of exactly how Russia operates in the post-Soviet era. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING, Putin's government does can be directly traced to it as a governing body. All is done through oligarchs, cutouts, and shell companies.

So, semantically speaking, I'm sure this statement, whose sole purpose is to whitewash American idiots, is actually technically correct.

If you don't understand this, I strongly suggest you give yourself a crash course in Iran-Contra where you can pluck from the documents of the time many such jewels of semantic whitewashing...many, in fact, written by Barr himself.

Note: For those not schooled in contemporary U.S. history, Bill Barr was the Federalist Society fixer brought on as George H.W. Bush's Attorney General to shut down the Iran-contra scandal (which occurred in the previous Reagan administration while Daddy Bush was VP).

Congressional investigations pointed to direct involvement in the affair by both Bush and Reagan. Barr supervised a massive cover-up involving evidence suppression, redaction of information for public consumption, and, ultimately, pardons for all the men who were in a position to finger both Bush and Reagan.

Most importantly, Barr's main job was to distance the Federalist Society from the affair and to tamp down any public discussion of how this organization had instigated a takeover of the Republican Party in the 1980s---an organization whose ideology and members led directly to the Iran-Contra affair occurring in the first place.

If anyone really wants to know how this latest Federalist Society debacle with tRump (no, he's not a member, just a useful idiot) is going to turn out, one only needs to study the cover-ups of Iran-Contra, 9/11 and Saudi Arabia, and Iraqgate. There's more, but this is the short list.

Spoiler Alert: The Federalist Society always gets away with it.
Posted by PandoraAwakened | Sun Mar 24, 2019, 09:44 PM (15 replies)
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