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Member since: Thu Sep 20, 2018, 10:12 PM
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Hallmark of a crime family. When your body guard and driver becomes the organizations EVP and COO.

This guy might not know about the financial crimes but he might know who terrorized Stormy in a parking garage and where bodies are buried.

Matthew Calamari, current EVP and COO at the Trump Organization, reportedly caught Trump's eye back in the 80's when the future president saw him roughing up some hecklers at a tennis tournament.

Video at link


Can Biden secure enough of a team without announcing?

I see huge benefits in Biden holding off until April or May. He is clearly staying relevant in the discussions, will bring in serious money once he announces, and is benefiting from running without running. He has the appearance of running, is being polled as the front runner, and isn't being questioned about policy or vetted.

Two negatives. Can he secure the best team possible if he promises people positions behind the scene? Money? But with his name recognition and the length of the primary season I think he will be ok holding off for a bit.

I don't want Biden to run. I would not vote for him in the primary. I do see how strong he is and think he might hold that strength by sitting on the outside for two or three more months. This is one heck of a long primary season. I don't think Clinton announced until April.

Nike - Dream Crazier

I don't think this is minor when defining Cohen and his relationship with Trump.

It is almost always left out that he was a long time VP of the Trump Organization. Cummings just referred to him as a long time adviser, lawyer, and confidant. I don't think it's a minor distinction to also correctly state long time VP of the Trump Organization. Most people who define the relationship he has with Trump seem to leave that out.

The Sane Progressive Has Left The Building

Like most sane people, it appears she checked out from a parking lot.


Iím seeing she has pulled the content she had the ability to pull, has contacted website owners asking them to pull content of hers, and has left the building.

Anyone know what happened besides leaving the sane part behind? In this video she covers everything from chemical being sprayed on us to Sanders being complicit in our failures. She does at one point admit that she drinks coffee made from beans picked by children. Itís crazy. Watch the last minute and a half and you will know how the rest went as well.

Democratic hopefuls embrace new meaning of reparations for slave descendants

Several Democratic presidential candidates are embracing reparations for the descendants of slaves ó but not in the traditional sense.

Over the past week, Sen. Kamala Harris of California, Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts and former Housing and Urban Development Secretary JuliŠn Castro spoke of the need for the U.S. government to reckon with and make up for centuries of stolen labor and legal oppression. But instead of backing the direct compensation of African-Americans for the legacy of slavery, the Democratic candidates are talking about using tax credits and other subsidies.

NBC News

My favorite part about the Democratic Party presidential primary season.

Our candidates are out there representing the brand. Right now, for the most part, they are promoting policies that are to the left of what we have seen in recent history. I place a lot of that on Clintonís and the parties platform in 2016. The party has made clear that itís a big tent and the only way to combat oppression and economic servitude is by charging to the left.

We are getting back to what once was the national discussion among Democrats. Iím talking among a majority of the candidates. Not just one here or there.

Trump hasnít taken my hope. This push is going to continue to move society in the direction we want. We have a lot to look forward to over the next couple of decades.

We pay attention to the details and the battle. Most people are just hearing the general ideas. Thatís a really good thing.

Itís a good day to be a Democrat.

Confess your culinary sins.

I love Kraft macaroni and cheese. I use the recommended amount of milk and butter but only use half or maybe two thirds of the macaroni. I eat it with a spoon and it makes me happy. I only do this when Iím alone.

NRA sparks outrage with 'Target Practice'

The National Rifle Associationís magazine had the headline ďTarget PracticeĒ over a photograph of Speaker Nancy Pelosi and former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords, who was almost killed during an assassination attempt in 2011. Ali Velshi is joined by Speaker Pelosiís daughter, Christine Pelosi, to discuss why those two words are sparking outrage.


Stacey Abrams: 'I am considering' running for Senate


Video at link.
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