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Member since: Thu Sep 20, 2018, 10:12 PM
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I am confident that if Obama had....

Sex with a porn star, then paid her off during his campaign, he would have been looking at multiple house investigations and they would have demanded he testify. Republicans would be using the phrase “Impeachable Offense” everyday and it might have actually brought about impeachment.

I don’t think that is hyperbole.

1) Will Democrat’s go on full assault with investigations, including the multiple payments made to women during the campaign, and the coordination with the NE? Moves like congressman Cummings recent one with respect to getting documents makes me think they are going to be pretty aggressive.

2) Do you think the bar has been raised due to Trumps instability and people will view that as petty? I personally think it must be done. Don’t care how it is viewed. It’s an extremely big deal.

3) If Obama had done something this big, and he did or did not testify, I believe numerous Democrats would have voted for his impeachment. We care about campaign finances, ethics, and the need to lead with a moral compass(I wish they would leave this one for me in my personal life instead of concerning themselves with it when dealing with these issues). Do you think any Republicans would vote for impeachment over something like this?

Republicans are about to spend years crying about how all we do is investigate. I hope we give them good reason.

About that whole Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez getting snubbed thing.

Oh how shitty opinion pieces attempt to divide us.

This should be wildly popular, as it was just last month.



Now lets look at the "media" spinning it today.



Some are simply making it too easy for them.

Mattis is "wildly" popular among the troops. Trump, not so much.

He’s also wildly popular among troops. A Military Times poll conducted in late September found that nearly 84 percent of troops had a favorable view of his work leading the armed forces. Among officers, the figure was almost 90 percent.

Navy Times

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump’s approval rating among active-duty military personnel has slipped over the last two years, leaving today’s troops evenly split over whether they’re happy with the commander in chief’s job performance, according to the results of a new Military Times poll of active-duty service members.

About 44 percent of troops had a favorable view of Trump’s presidency, the poll showed, compared to 43 percent who disapproved.

A CNN poll released earlier this month put Trump’s disapproval rating among women at 62 percent. In the Military Times poll, that figure topped 68 percent, with only about 26 percent of military women expressing a favorable view of the president.

Military Times

Inside Kamala Harris's relationship with an Indian-American community eager to claim her

Indian-American publications write about her regularly. Her first name means “lotus” in Sanskrit. She takes pride in grinding her own Indian spices. And she has been known to reference slogans that were used by Indian independence fighters like her grandfather.

If Kamala Devi Harris runs for president, the Democratic senator is poised to be championed by Indian-Americans, a constituency with significant representation in the donor community, growing numbers of political activists and candidates—and a sizable presence in states that will play key roles in the Democratic primary, from California to Texas.

“She will change the game if she runs for president,” said Anurag Varma, a Democratic donor who frequently supports Indian-American candidates and “absolutely” would back Harris. “She will create a new game if she becomes president.”

Harris, of California, is the daughter of Shyamala Gopalan Harris, who was born in India, and Donald Harris, born in Jamaica. The senator identifies as both African-American and South Asian-American, according to her Senate website, which notes that she is the country’s first South Asian-American senator— a background that opens doors with a diverse set of voters.

McClatchy DC

I believe that Fox News is newsworthy.

The three major old school networks(ABC, CBS, NBC) should have been running stories about Fox News on their nightly newscast for a long time now.

Fox News is not a conservative news outlet. They are a propaganda outlet that works to swing elections. Their programs are laced with deception, lies, and opinion masqueraded as the truth. They have hosts who flat out promote conspiracy theories and interject themselves directly into the electoral process. There is no question that the Tea Party would have never become a force had it not been for the passionate support of Fox News.

Having Bret Baier and Brit Hume commentate does not equal out the rest. If the cast of characters were like those two I would give them a pass as a conservative news outlet.

Here is an example of the start of a major nightly news story.

That was on Fox News just before the election. A news story could look at it from multiple angles. The fear aspect. The disinformation. The history of the "judge". It's literally a GOTV effort. There are other reasons it is newsworthy as well but you get my point.

Fox News built the Tea Party to what it is. Fox News is a GOTV effort for the GOP.

The Clinton Foundation

Number of farmers benefiting from access to improved agricultural practices, increased yields, and enhanced market access: 165,862

Number of girls and women provided access to job skills training and livelihood support: 79,875

Number of schools working with the Alliance for a Healthier Generation to build healthier environments for students through increasing access to healthier foods and physical activity: 39,000

Number of trees and tree seedlings planted: 8,500,000

This organization has earned a GuideStar's Platinum Seal of Transparency by voluntarily sharing the measures of progress and results they use to pursue their mission. Organizations earn Platinum Seals by selecting from a catalog of over 900 expert recognized metrics or by creating a new metric that best fits their work. This information is reported by the organization and displayed publicly on their GuideStar Nonprofit Profile. With over 1.6 million Nonprofit Profiles, 9 million annual visitors and over 200 data partners, GuideStar is the world's leading source of information about nonprofit organizations. A nonprofit itself, GuideStar is dedicated to providing better data for better decisions for a better world.

Charity Navigator

Charity Watch A Rated

Charity Watch

•Through 2016, 6,000 doses of Naloxone (an opioid overdose reversal drug) were distributed in the United States to reduce overdose deaths.

•The Clinton Development Initiative's Trees of Hope project helps build community resilience to climate change by promoting tree-planting and has assisted in establishing over 400 community nurseries. Since its inception, Trees of Hope has worked with more than 2,300 smallholder farmers and has planted more than 2.6 million trees in Malawi.

•Through a CGI Commitment to Action in 2011, the AFL-CIO, American Federation of Teachers, and North America's Building Trades Unions committed to raise and deploy at least $10 billion for U.S. Infrastructure in five years. Through 2016, as a result of this commitment, over $16.5 billion has been allocated to U.S. infrastructure investments. Commitment partners report that at least 100,000 jobs have been created as a result of these investments.

•847,000 children's books have been distributed to families in underserved communities in the United States as part of partnerships to promote reading to babies from birth.


Donate To The Clinton Foundation Here

From a compassionate and brilliant man to a hate filled idiot.

I’m still in shock over the election. I won’t make any comparisons between Clinton and Obama but Clinton is brilliant in her own right, one of the most fierce fighters out there, one of the most qualified persons to ever run for President, and has a very long history of fighting for others. She was a great person to follow Obama.

I’m still in a bit of shock over the election itself.

We went from this...


To this...


And it should have been this...


This country has a great abundance of riches and an endless supply of stupidity.

Katie Porter Flipped a Red District,Thanks in Part to Her Mentors Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren

Katie Porter's story is the kind you hope to see in a groundbreaking midterm season. A first-time Democratic candidate runs in a historically red district. She refuses to take money from corporate PACs, and she's supported by her mentors, Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Sen. Kamala Harris. EMILY's List picks her as the first congressional candidate they endorse that year. And then she does it—she wins. Porter, who's a law professor at U.C. Irvine and a consumer protection attorney, was responsible for flipping her Orange County, California district to blue, securing her seat in Congress and helping Democrats take back the House. Ahead, Porter, who ran her campaign while also working and raising three kids, explains why she took on the challenge in the first place.


Puerto Rico from Space: NASA Videos Show Aftermath of Hurricane Maria

Video at link.


The DNC suit against the Russian government, Wikileaks, and the Trump campaign....

Has forced the most comprehensive legal defense yet presented in the Russia probe. Last week Wikileaks, the Trump campaign, and a member of Trumps family responded with over 150 pages of court filings. The DNC filed the suit in April of this year.


Text of the DNC suit.

Washington Post

This is active. Those trying to get it dismissed are asking for the right to make oral arguments at a date to be determined in the future. This isn't going away and this is how we do it. Come at them from every angle.
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