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Profile Information

Name: James E. Faubel
Gender: Male
Hometown: Portland, Oregon
Home country: USA
Current location: Home
Member since: Mon Sep 17, 2018, 10:22 AM
Number of posts: 80

About Me

Viet Nam Era veteran. Non-combatant. Worked with Chaplain's Office and then was NCOIC of Social Actions Office [drug & alcohol abuse education and counseling]. Trained with Gordon Heiberg MD and Dr. Tom & Amy Harris ["I'm OK, You're OK"]. Social Worker and Ordained Minister. 3 grown grandsons and 1 great grandson who is almost a teenager.

Journal Archives

ATTENTION "Pro-Life Conservatives", "Christian Evangelicals" and "Constitutional Originalists":

Please show me where in the Constitution of the United States it says (or even implies) that your “religious liberty or religious freedom” allows you to deny to citizens of the United States THEIR fundamental Constitutional freedoms and liberties. I can’t find it. Until you can show it to me, STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM MY RIGHTS AND LIBERTIES.

As long as I don’t interfere with YOUR “religious liberty” to worship your god or gods as you please, I expect you not to interfere with MY Constitutional Rights and Liberties.


Dr. Christine Blasey-Ford was LITERALLY ASSAULTED.

You were only yelled at. Man up.

You are not the victim. You are the adders, abettors and accomplices of rapists and sexual assaulters.

"BEER! I LIKE BEER!" guess who

Stay vigilant, my friends. Remember 2000.

It doesn’t matter how many votes are cast;
it matters how many votes are counted.

Is the vote count more “secure” since 2000?
Inquiring minds want to know.

So amusing watching GOP attack dogs turn into whining snowflakes

with they don't get their way or are accused of wrongdoing.

Anybody else watching "the debate" on the Senate floor?

What happened to the 30 hours of debate BEFORE the cloture vote?

About this FBI background check:

So the FBI background check was unable to verify accusations of sexual assault against Kavanaugh. So what?

Republican Senators can still vote NO because:
1. Kavanaugh is an entitled SOB
2. Kavanaugh is a know partisan GOP operative.
3. Kavanaugh LIED REPEATEDLY UNDER OATH about his Judicial Record, his years serving GWB as a political operative, his history of drinking and partying, and numerous other instances.

Doesn't this alone disqualify Kananaugh?

Why are there no forums or groups discussing the Law and legal issues?

The charge that "Men are being falsely accused of sexual assault" ...

The charge that “Men are being falsely accused of sexual assault” is the misogynist version of “Reverse Racism”.

POWER. It's always been about POWER.

POWER. It’s always been about POWER. And POWER usually means POWER OVER OTHERS. Rich over Poor. Man over Woman. White over Colored. Strong over Weak. Kings over Nobles. Nobles over Serfs. The elite Few over the Many [AKA “You people” or “We The People”]. I over You.

WARNING: When POWER feels threatened (which is almost all the time), POWER is Dangerous, vindictive, threatening, scolding, like bad parents [or worse, Bad Masters].
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