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Member since: Sun Sep 16, 2018, 05:48 PM
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Too many attractive white Americans get by with their attractiveness.

5 years ago I gifted my friend who was a school psychologist money so she could check out a job in Hawaii. She eventually moved to Hawaii and somehow she got fired. This is kind of a rant about her.

She bought a very cool Obama doll for me and we eventually both left that small conservative town in New Mexico. She's now batsh--t crazy and only trusts alternative news. I'm sure she's lost her mind. WE campaigned for Obama in that town. Now she thinks Jill Biden was Joe's babysitter and all that crap. I just started corresponding to her but and could point out web sites like FactCheck.org or AP fact check to get the right answers. according to some of the exit polls 55% of white women voted for Trump in the last election. I have no one to date because I'm afraid I'll run into another B--t shit crazy women who is attractive on the outside but uninformed and ignorant on the inside. When I'm gone people will wonder why he didn't marry. It's probably because all the attractive women that I think would be compatible tend to be stupid and clueless.... But they think they are OK.

I'm white but I can honestly say fuck white privledge.
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