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Member since: Wed Sep 5, 2018, 04:25 PM
Number of posts: 277

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I think the Primaries are going to tear the Democratic base apart aren't they?

The vitriol out there on social media (Oh my GOD do not go on twitter, do NOT) by some of the supporters of a certain candidate towards other candidates is horrible. I get having your favorite but the smearing of all the other candidates is disgusting.

How will we all come together at the end of this very long primary? And if a certain candidate doesn't win many of that candidates voters apparently will not vote for the other Dems and are doing everything they can to burn them down.

Was it always this bad?

Pete Buttigieg posts about the attacks in Sri Lanka


Streaming live now: Pete Buttigieg in NH


Pete Buttigieg on Impeachment for Trump


Pete Buttigieg is meeting with the Stop and Shop striking workers now



Mayor Buttigieg is on live Cspan right now at an event in Iowa.

answering policy questions.

I've made my preference for Mayor Pete! Just love him more and more

each time I hear him speak.
I will support and vote for our nominee whomever they are, but at this point I'm hoping for Pete.

Pete Buttigieg will be on Rachel Maddow on Monday night.


Is anyone else watching the CNN town hall with Sen. Gillabrand?

I will vote for her if she is the nominee, but for some reason she is not appealing to me at all.
I think she is doing fine tonight though, can't say I disagree with anything she's said.

I swear this is not concern trolling but is anyone else

noticing how old Joe Biden is looking? I love him and would love to vote for him and 100% know he would be so much better than Trump, but last night my husband commented how old he looked in his twitter video and I don't know if its the power of suggestion but that was my first thought seeing him just now.
Maybe it is our own age? My husband and I are late 30s, early 40.
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