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Member since: Tue Sep 4, 2018, 05:20 PM
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Trump exemplifies the 7 deadly sins. Copied from Facebook.

Gluttony: Eats big macs and ice cream daily. He washes it down with a diet coke. He may not be obese, but he's overweight and edging slowly to seriously overweight.

Greed: He low-balls and straight up doesn't pay his contractors while living in a golden penthouse.

Pride: He puts his name on the side of his buildings. He's also willing to throw everyone else under a bus via twitter instead of admitting any wrongdoing.

Sloth: He only works around 2-3 hours per day. The rest is spent as executive time watching FOX News or golfing in Florida.

Lust: He has had multiple affairs with porn actresses and playboy models.

Envy: He wishes he had Obama's popularity and ratings and it eats him inside.

Wrath: He brings down the hammer on those he perceives as not loyal or willing to bend the knee to him. Look how many of his staff he's gotten rid of.

I've been binge-watching the 2nd season of Designated Survivor. Yes, I know it is kind of corny and

definitely over the top (crises, crises out the wazoo!), but I still enjoy it. The actors are very good.. Keifer Sutherland is a smart, kind, compassionate man and his staff is terrific, always having his back. Here's the thing--I could easily see Obama in some of the situations, being calm, deliberative, listening to his advisers, always caring for the American people. And here's the other thing, when I first started watching I actually became deeply depressed trying to imagine trump in ANY of the scenarios, just never, nada. The contrast is beyond words. I know it's just a tv show, but still.......
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