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Member since: Tue Sep 4, 2018, 05:20 PM
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"I'm a Democrat. It's what we do."

So we recently had some concrete work done on our garage floor, which was badly cracked due to settling. It was a nicely done job. My husband and I were standing outside later on when a pickup truck drove in, and it was one of the workers. He jumped out and told us his boss had paid him $163 in cash and he had lost it! He had gone to get air in his tires and realized it was gone. We all 3 started looking around all in the yard, his truck, to no avail. The man was near tears. I couldn't stand it. I had just been to the ATM so I went in and got $60 and brought it out to him. He was back in the truck by then. He said, "Oh, no. I can't take that." I dropped it in his lap and said. "It's all right. I'm a Democrat. It's what we do. If you find your money, you can pay me back." He finally took it. Am I a sucker as my trumpian cousin says? Maybe so, but it still felt good to do that!
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