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Member since: Tue Sep 4, 2018, 05:20 PM
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"Please come back!" My daughter at Madame Tussaud's in July.


posting pictures

Would someone here refresh my memory as to how to post a picture? I used to be able to, but have forgotten (old age!) how to do it!

"I'm a Democrat. It's what we do."

So we recently had some concrete work done on our garage floor, which was badly cracked due to settling. It was a nicely done job. My husband and I were standing outside later on when a pickup truck drove in, and it was one of the workers. He jumped out and told us his boss had paid him $163 in cash and he had lost it! He had gone to get air in his tires and realized it was gone. We all 3 started looking around all in the yard, his truck, to no avail. The man was near tears. I couldn't stand it. I had just been to the ATM so I went in and got $60 and brought it out to him. He was back in the truck by then. He said, "Oh, no. I can't take that." I dropped it in his lap and said. "It's all right. I'm a Democrat. It's what we do. If you find your money, you can pay me back." He finally took it. Am I a sucker as my trumpian cousin says? Maybe so, but it still felt good to do that!

Is anybody watching Ozark on Netflix? I'm halfway thru season 2. Violent and profane but

also highly entertaining!
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