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Member since: Sun Aug 19, 2018, 01:08 AM
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Let me tell you the Trumpeteers are sideways!

My whole family are deplorables. My kid hung up on me when I was rubbing it in. We have a 100 dollar bet that Trump wont make it through his first term. My parents said "well I hope you Democrats are happy".... My sister wont answer her phone. Oh what a day!!!

Is this really it??

Is he going to be impeached?

So it looks like Manafort expects a pardon.

Now, it is true that Trump can pardon Manafort (though that probably won’t happen right away). That’s the only sane explanation for doing what he did, that he is still certain he’ll be pardoned. But many of these charges can still be charged in state court.

Just about the only explanation for Manafort’s actions are that — as I suggested — Trump was happy to have Manafort serve as a mole in Mueller’s investigation.

But Mueller’s team appears to have no doubt that Manafort was lying to them. That means they didn’t really need his testimony, at all. It also means they had no need to keep secrets — they could keep giving Manafort the impression that he was pulling a fast one over the prosecutors, all while reporting misleading information to Trump.

And that “detailed sentencing submission … sett[ing] forth the nature of the defendant’s crimes and lies” that Mueller mentions in the report?



In the run-up to the election, Rudy Giuliani was made to shut up. But now, with Trump making excuses for possibly losing the House, officials are bracing for a legal assault.


The bigger threat for Trump than losing control of Congress is Robert Mueller’s looming report. Sources say Trump advisers are girding themselves for Mueller to deliver the results of his investigation to the Justice Department as early as Wednesday, although it’s more likely he’ll wait till later this month. Sources say besides the president, the ones with the most exposure are Roger Stone and Donald Trump Jr. “I’m very worried about Don Jr.,” said another former West Wing official who testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee. The possible exposure would be that Mueller would demonstrate that Don Jr. perjured himself to investigators when he said he didn't’t tell his father beforehand about the June 2016 Trump Tower meeting to gather “dirt” on Hillary Clinton. (Donald Trump Jr.’s lawyer, Alan Futerfas, declined to comment.)

One potential sign of how seriously Trumpworld is treating the Mueller threat has been the near total silence of Rudy Giuliani. A constant presence on cable news over the summer, Giuliani hasn’t been on television in weeks. “What the hell happened to Rudy?” a former White House official said when I asked about Giuliani’s whereabouts. According to three sources briefed on Trump’s legal team, Giuliani has been in Europe visiting consulting clients as well as preparing a report with Trump lawyers Marty and Jane Raskin that is designed to provide a counter-narrative to Mueller’s document. “They don’t know what Mueller has but they have a good idea and they’re going to rebut it,” one Republican close to Giuliani said. But another source said Trump instructed Giuliani to stay off television to avoid hurting Trump’s midterm message. “Trump’s thinking is, ‘I gave you a lot of rope and now you got a lot of rope marks around your neck,’” the source said. (The White House did not respond to a request for comment.)


Now that the mid-terms are over there is still much to look forward to.....I hope.

Posted by demsocialist | Wed Nov 7, 2018, 01:46 AM (3 replies)

Mueller needs to make a big splash before the midterms

Right now as it stands sentencing scheduled for after the election. We need another indictment.

May I suggest that "Trump Derangement Syndrome" be applied to the deplorables?

They are really the ones with the crazy behavior and they have been having a fit the last few days. I mean really all their responses to Trump critism are extreme. They are just. out. there.

These people don't have any reason. Seriously there is no help...

You can't appeal to their senses. This country is divided and I think that was the purpose of the Trump presidency. I just saw this on my facebook page:

Matthew Sheppard was a dope mule, meth head and the lover of the guy who killed him. Read the "Book of Matt" and you will read the truth. These people have been pushing this lie for 2 decades.

Not for the faint of heart: http://www.lctix.com/conspirare

Jerry Brown signs bill eliminating money bail in California

Gov. Jerry Brown on Tuesday signed sweeping legislation to eliminate cash bail in California. The change, which will take effect in October 2019, goes further than any other state in the country to remove money from pretrial detention.

“Today, California reforms its bail system so that rich and poor alike are treated fairly,” Brown said in a statement.

Under Senate Bill 10, California will replace bail with “risk assessments” of individuals and nonmonetary conditions of release. Counties will establish local agencies to evaluate any individual arrested on felony charges for their likelihood of returning for court hearings and their chances of re-arrest.


Do we know when Allen Weisselberg was granted immunity?

I know the story came out on Friday but certainly he had been interviewed before then. Trump knew that he was being interviewed. I am reminded of what Guilianni threatened about going after Ivanna a couple of months ago.

Also, it is unclear to me what kind of immunity does Weisselberg have. The Hill states that the immunity is only for the payments made to Daniels and the Playboy bunny. While I read here on DU somewhere that Weisselberg has total immunity??

Just wondering how deep into the foundation can the prosecutors and investigators probe.

Excellent Documentary: All the President's Men, Revisited

I watched this morning. It is really good. The parallels to today are fascinating.

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