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Claritie Pixie

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Member since: Sat Aug 11, 2018, 03:51 PM
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CNN: House Committee open hearings to begin mid November.

They intend to call witnesses and present evidence.

Possible witnesses: Yovanovich, Taylor, and Sondland.

This is what I've been waiting for, just like Watergate, open hearings will lead to an overwhelming majority wanting impeachment.

The truth is coming, like a runaway freight train.

No amount of GOP shenanigans can stop it.
Posted by Claritie Pixie | Thu Oct 24, 2019, 08:37 AM (36 replies)

Trump administration let nearly $11 million in student aid go to unaccredited for-profit colleges.

A trove of documents released Tuesday by the House Education and Labor Committee shows the Education Department provided $10.7 million in federal loans and grants to students at the Illinois Institute of Art and the Art Institute of Colorado even though officials knew the for-profit colleges were not accredited and ineligible to receive such aid.

The documents build on prior reports from the committee describing efforts by Education Department officials to shield Dream Center Education Holdings, owner of the Art Institutes and Argosy University, from the consequences of lying to students about the accreditation of its since-closed schools. Now it appears the Education Department tried to shield itself from an ill-fated decision to allow millions of dollars to flow to those schools.

Rep. Robert C. “Bobby” Scott (D-Va.), chairman of the House Education Committee, is threatening to subpoena Education Secretary Betsy DeVos for more documents related to the department’s role in Dream Center’s actions. Scott says the agency has obstructed the committee’s investigation and refused to answer questions, as emails and letters paint a picture of a federal agency complicit in an effort to place profits before students.


I can't wait to see Cruella DeVos go down with the ship!

Posted by Claritie Pixie | Wed Oct 23, 2019, 08:39 PM (2 replies)

Here's my take on the purpose of the GOPer SCIF Stunt.

Knowing full well they didn't come up with this independent of Trump's involvement. They're followers.

On the surface, this stunt appears to be to disrupt and intimidate a witness. Both of those are valid. But...

...have to see it through the eyes of a narcissist.

At this moment in time, he isn't sure the GOP is united and in his corner. It's making him increasingly worried because they're all that's keeping him from being thrown out on his ass.

So he concocts a plan that a particularly unsavory group of House GOPers are all too eager to carry out.

The purpose? Prove to Trump they'll do whatever he says. It's the show of loyalty he absolutely requires. He told them to break the law in a very public way and they did.

Without saying a word, he's telling those GOPers who are quiet and not defending him, or criticizing him, that this is what he expects from them too.

That they will sacrifice themselves for him, or they will suffer his wrath.

Problem for him is that his wrath is getting weaker by the day.
Posted by Claritie Pixie | Wed Oct 23, 2019, 02:43 PM (12 replies)

CNN reporting that GOP SCIF Stunt is intended to send a message to House and Senate GOPers.

This 'event' has been on their calendar for a week and they met with Trump about it.

Seems to me the possibility of Senate conviction is real.

Posted by Claritie Pixie | Wed Oct 23, 2019, 01:31 PM (9 replies)

Bribery and Extortion

All this quid pro quo talk! Pfft!

It's clear to me after reading Taylor's opening statement that the scheme to force the President of Ukraine to stand in front of a microphone, in front of the world, and announce he will investigate Dems and Biden to benefit Trump's campaign - while his country is at war with Russia - in order to obtain military aid already allotted to them by Congress to help in that war -

is both Bribery and Extortion.

In extortion, the receiver is making a threat towards the extorted party, threatening to perform a certain action that will harm the extorted party unless the extorted party gives the receiver whatever the receiver requests. On the other hand, in cases of bribery, the bribed party will do something in favour of the bribing party.
Bribery relates to a corrupt benefit given or received to influence official action so as to afford the giver better than fair treatment. Both the person giving and the recipient are guilty of bribery. On the other hand, coercive extortion by a public official is the seeking or receiving of a corrupt benefit paid under an implicit or explicit threat to give the payer worse than fair treatment or to make the payer worse off. The payee is guilty of extortion; the payer is the victim of extortion.
In other words, bribery and extortion present several significant commonalities and differences...


Recommended reading at the link.

Quid pro quo will not be included in articles of impeachment. Bribery and Extortion will.

Posted by Claritie Pixie | Wed Oct 23, 2019, 08:27 AM (0 replies)

'"All honest people know that" after he lies.

This is a standard gaslighting technique.

Imagine if he were your significant other.

He lies and you know it. You try to retort but he says "all honest people know that's true."

This may confuse you and make you doubt what you know, since you probably think of yourself as an honest person.

It's also impossible to verify with "everyone".

If you ask for specific people who can verify, he gets angry and accuses you of attacking him.

This is what Chump does to the entire country, repeatedly.
Posted by Claritie Pixie | Wed Oct 16, 2019, 12:31 PM (4 replies)

Trump is disordered.

His thoughts, his decisions - no logical or rational process behind them.

He lives in the moment, in a reactionary state, doing and saying anything to protect himself. Anyone who challenges him is targeted as an enemy and must be destroyed.

He is disordered and dangerous.

In a personal relationship with this type of person, the advice is to leave, cut them out of your life.

Unfortunately, Americans, the entire world, are unable to do that.

The only solution is removal from office which isn't going to happen anytime soon.

We are all at his mercy (of which he has none).
Posted by Claritie Pixie | Wed Oct 16, 2019, 11:09 AM (5 replies)

Remember Armenia

Armenian Genocide

The Armenian genocide was the ruthless slaughter of millions of Armenians by the Turks of the Ottoman Empire. In 1915, during World War I, leaders of the Turkish government set in motion a plan to expel and massacre Armenians. By the early 1920s, when the massacres and deportations finally ended, between 600,000 and 1.5 million Armenians were dead, with many more forcibly removed from the country. Today, most historians call this event a genocide: a premeditated and systematic campaign to exterminate an entire people. However, the Turkish government still does not acknowledge the enormity or scope of these events.


The Turks are about to commit genocide. Again.

Trump is directly responsible.

Posted by Claritie Pixie | Wed Oct 9, 2019, 08:59 PM (0 replies)

The ragings of a malignant narcissist. That's what we're witnessing.

Everything he does is intended to inflict harm, to seek revenge on those who do not comply with his demands.

He is careening out of control, slashing and burning this country and the world to get what he wants.

His behavior will become increasingly worse the more he feels threatened by those who seek to hold him accountable.

We must remain steadfast in our opposition and not allow him to drag us into the pit with him.

This is a fight for our lives, a fight for survival against a megalomaniac.

Stay strong everyone.

Posted by Claritie Pixie | Wed Oct 9, 2019, 07:27 PM (5 replies)

I think Richard Ketay is really John Barron.

Trump lied to me about his wealth to get onto the Forbes 400. Here are the tapes.

Posing as ‘John Barron,’ he claimed he owned most of his father’s real estate empire.

In May 1984, an official from the Trump Organization called to tell me how rich Donald J. Trump was. I was reporting for the Forbes 400, the magazine’s annual ranking of America’s richest people, for the third year. In the previous edition, we’d valued Trump’s holdings at $200 million, only one-fifth of what he claimed to own in our interviews. This time, his aide urged me on the phone, I needed to understand just how loaded Trump really was.

The official was John Barron — a name we now know as an alter ego of Trump himself. When I recently rediscovered and listened, for first time since that year, to the tapes I made of this and other phone calls, I was amazed that I didn’t see through the ruse: Although Trump altered some cadences and affected a slightly stronger New York accent, it was clearly him. “Barron” told me that
Trump had taken possession of the business he ran with his father, Fred.

“Most of the assets have been consolidated to Mr. Trump,” he said. “You have down Fred Trump [as half owner] . . . but I think you can really use Donald Trump now.” Trump, through this sockpuppet, was telling me he owned “in excess of 90 percent” of his family’s business. With all the home runs Trump was hitting in real estate, Barron told me, he should be called a billionaire.

Posted by Claritie Pixie | Fri Oct 4, 2019, 10:34 PM (4 replies)
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