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ZZenith's Journal
ZZenith's Journal
October 3, 2019

Methinks the Irish are not all that enamored with Donald Trump...


“Trump dances like a sexy pile of cheese in his Take on Me-style video

The US president, flickering like an alt-right Morten Harket, appears like a lovable savant

Patrick Fryne

A pencil drawing of Donald Trump emerges from the white void. He is fully dressed, in his trademark suit and red crotch cloth (his tie), though, given what the film-makers are going for here, I feel as if he should be wearing nothing but a short belly top, like Winnie-the-Pooh.

Indeed, we learn over the course of the 40-second animation retweeted by the president that Trump, flickering in and out of pencilled reality like an alt-right Morten Harket, is a lovable and inspiring savant.

Uplifting piano and strings play as he says inspiring things. The film- makers should get credit for finding them, really, amid the bizarre non sequiturs, coded bigotry, uncoded bigotry and glitching computer code that usually erupts from his puckered beak (lips) or his digital hindparts (Twitter)...”

Much more at the link - scathing and well-written.
September 19, 2019


March 26, 2019

Philip K. Dick was a wild-eyed optimist.

Holy shit do we find ourselves in dystopia.

Hang on everybody! Every tyrant falls and the majority of people have love in their hearts and the greater good in their minds.

Ignore the howls of those who would discourage us, and keep a keen ear open for those who inspire.

Greed is no match for Love.

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