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Cousin Dupree

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More from the Lincoln Project town hall, re targeting trump enablers

This question was asked during the town hall yesterday:
Are there plans to continue to target Trumpís enablers? I would suggest a campaign of ďprofiles in cowardIceĒ series specifically targeting them.

Answer from Rick Wilson, who does the ads:
Thatís a great idea. Yesterdayís ad targeting Rep. Senators who enable trump got a lot of people angry. But we are past needing approval from other Republicans. We will go hard against these Senators. The hour of accountability is here. The only outrage these Senators show is the idea that they will be made to pay for their actions.
The map of soft states we had when we started with was so small. Now it is so large we are going to be in more states than we ever imagined, working against the Rep. enablers.
Posted by Cousin Dupree | Fri Jul 10, 2020, 11:53 AM (9 replies)

Report on the Lincoln Project town hall today.

At 5:00 today the Lincoln Project held a town hall with 10,000 Zoom attendees and 12,000 YouTube attendees. Lincoln Project members present were Steve Schmidt, Rick Wilson, Jennifer Horn, Ron Steslow, and Mike Madrid. The group was formed in Dec. 2019 by anti-Trump Republicans. The average donation to the project is $41.00. Their dedication to their cause is impressive and they area smart bunch. And then thereís Steve Schmidtís uber snarkiness. Most of you have probably seen their no-holds-barred ads on TV. As one of them said, ďwe are just getting warmed upĒ. Some of this is.paraphrased. I did not identify the speakers in the answers section. They said some excerpts of the town hall will be posted on YouTube.

Their 3 basic communication efforts are:
1. Messing with Trump (their words) and driving him out of his mind. They do it to distract him away from his campaign and put his attention elsewhere. Example: the amount of time he spent trying to refute the accusations that he canít hold a glass of water with one hand.
2. Litigating the case against a Trump: electoral vote driven.270. Thatís the goal. Point out his shortcomings and incompetence. Educate swing voters and make a case for them to walk away from him. Identifying swing voters who can be persuaded.
3. Persuading voters to actually make the jump. They are building a grass roots movement. Michigan alone has 300 LP volunteers.

Some audience questions and answers:
Q. I love your ads. They make me feel good. Is there any confirmation that your ads have swayed any voters?
A. If you look at all the polling of the a Republican base since mid-March, itís showing softening in all polls. The biggest growing gap is between white college -educated Rep. voters and white non-college -educated white Rep. voters. There is a direct correlation from our confederate flag ad and these 2 groups of voters. This ad was very emotional to the Rep. base. We followed that ad 5 weeks later with the ad done by the Navy Seal who called Trump out for not doing anything about the bounty placed on American troops heads. That further softened the base. After that, even the Rasmussen Report showed decreasing support for a Trump. Steve Bannen said when we started that if we can peel off 3-4% of Trumpís Rep. support its game over. Weíre past that right now.

Q. In light of the pandemic, how critical is mail-in voting to the cause? It seems a Trump supporters donít mind crowding into polling places while more thoughtful people wonít take the risk.
A.i assure you that below the Trump level every Rep. operative is working on an early voting mail-in campaign. They want to get those votes in because a Trump is a disruptor and no one knows what heíll do right before the election. Trump will play both sides by using mail-in votes and by using them to explain a rigged election when he loses. He wants to sow the seeds of discord so there is an excuse for losing.

Q. Trump says he wants schools to open in the fall, but doesnít want it politicized. But heís done exactly that.
A. I find this psychologically and politically fascinating. He wants teachers and students to crowd into schools. Meanwhile Rep. politicians are trying to avoid meetings and the Rep. convention in person. Trumpís behavior is another example of thevcomplete narcissism in his motivation. Just like opening up businesses, he needs it because it makes him look good and look strong. Anything Trump says or does about reopening schools has nothing to do with the health and welfare of your children.

There were many more questions, but I donít want to take up any more of your time. Maybe Iíll do a few more shorter posts with some of the Qís and Aís. If you get the opportunity to join another of their town halls, sign up. Itís worth it. (I believe I received the email to sign up because I have donated to them).
Posted by Cousin Dupree | Thu Jul 9, 2020, 08:38 PM (14 replies)

Update from my county Democratic HQ

Iíve posted here before that I volunteer in my very red countyís HQ on Sundays. We were super busy again yesterday, people coming in and buying multiple Biden and BLM signs. We are ordering 250 Biden signs at a time and selling out within a couple of days. I worked in the same office during the 2016 Pres. election. It was nothing like it is now. Thereís a lot of passion and involvement in this upcoming election. Itís so exciting to be a part of this!
Posted by Cousin Dupree | Mon Jul 6, 2020, 10:35 AM (27 replies)
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