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Cousin Dupree

Cousin Dupree's Journal
Cousin Dupree's Journal
November 11, 2020

So medical personnel haven't given enough?? Now in North Dakota they are being asked

to work if they test positive for Covid. I’M FURIOUS. The Governor and hospital administrators know that medical people will not leave patients without care. So they take advantage of it.
If those cretins in the White had done some planning, maybe this wouldn’t have happened. This is disgraceful.

November 8, 2020

Just passed a Trump rally of about 12 people waving trump flags and holding trump signs.

They’re supporting trump in his win in the presidential election. I yelled out my car window, “But he lost!” The response was, “No he didn’t. You just watch”. I told them they were silly. When will the cult accept reality? Maybe when trump does.

October 29, 2020

Tales from volunteering at my county's Democratic Party office.

1. Guy calls the police because his 8x12 foot giant Biden/Harris sign in his front yard was ripped to shreds. After he tells his story to the dispatcher, she responds,” You must be one of those people who want to defund the police”. Bottom line, the police don’t care one damn bit about his BH sign.

2. We have a big map of our semi-rural/ rural red county on a corkboard in the office. Every time anyone comes in to replace a stolen or defaced Democratic sign, we ask them to put a push pin on their location on the map. There are hundreds and hundreds of pins in the map. And these are just from the people that came into the office. Local Republicans are angry and scared, I’m guessing.

3. I worked in the office in the months prior to the election in 2016. The contrast between then and now is quite remarkable. The volume of people coming into the office now for Democratic signs, flags, hats, pins, etc or just to talk to other Dems. is 4-5 times more than in 2016! Some days we can barely keep up with the volume of people. And the enthusiasm is very high. So take heart, fellow Dems! From my perspective, we’re looking pretty good! (But I know it ain’t over till it’s over, so not counting the chickens just yet) I’m cautiously optimistic.

October 18, 2020

What do you think about calling attention to people who don't wear masks in stores?

Should we be calling them out, or asking them kindly if they could put a mask on, or ignoring them? What do you do?

October 5, 2020

Perspective from Cousin Dupree the R.N.

What kind of person, who is supposed to be a responsible role model to an entire country, infected with a virus that has caused a pandemic, leaves his hospital bed to take a car ride?

What kind of doctor(s) allow that patient, jacked up on steroids, to make a very irresponsible decision that jeopardizes his own safety and that of others around him during and after this ride?

Those people in white coats stand out there in front of the cameras with their big smiles and their happy words and act like they’re having a party. With 210,000 people dead and more to come. And they and their patient look like a bunch of ignorant fools. They all make a mockery of what is going on in the lives of the common people of this country. Since when do medical personnel willingly allow their patients to leave the hospital and return at will? Infected. In a pandemic.

October 2, 2020

Trump and his clan exposed my candidate and his wife unnecessarily at the debate.

The Trumps in the audience did not have masks on. I’m having a real hard time mustering any sympathy for these people

September 29, 2020

Met a 70-something year old today who's going to be a first time voter!

She came into our county Democratic Party office, very nervous, and said she was ashamed to admit she had never voted before. I think she thought we might be judgmental. Instead, my co-volunteer and I congratulated her for deciding to vote, told her how good it feels to vote and told her it was never too late to start. She said she wanted to vote for Joe. We took time to answer questions and got her started in the right direction. I think she left feeling much less apprehensive than when she came in. Another vote for Joe!

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