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Member 2002 - 2016, with 50,000+ posts. Re-upped for the fight ahead.

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Prediction: Barr will announce DoJ investigation of oranges of counter intelligence investigation ..

.....Thursday morning at press conference.

I can't see any other reason for their strategy.

Some say Barr was ordered by Trump to call the press conference before release of report to Congress FOR THIS REASON, to appease the base with their dream.

We would be lax in not considering that a real and dangerous possibility.

For those who are mad at Berners, still.

It's important to study the NPR data from 2017. Here's an important paragraph about the 1 in 10 Bernie supporters who crossed over to Trump in the GE:

Party seems to have had something to do with it Sanders-Trump voters were much less likely than Sanders-Clinton or Sanders-third party voters to have been Democrats. Likewise, approval of President Barack Obama appears to be related Sanders-Trump voters approved of Obama much less than other Sanders primary voters.

Ergo: Those who crossed over weren't previously Dems.

And they were not supporters of Obama.

There was a racial bias common in these crossovers:

"And then there is race. Nearly half of Sanders-Trump voters disagree with the idea that "white people have advantages."

And so it is counter-productive to think of holding all Bernie supporters responsible for Clinton's electoral college loss.

It's not possible to have party unity in the GE with people who obviously have had no true affiliation with the party and do not share core values.


Let's hope to learn from this NPR data.

There is a twitter presence tracking all Trump fundraising emails.

Great idea. Keep an eye on his propaganda to the base.


This must be our anti-Trump anthem

In his fundraising letter to the base yesterday, he wrote: "....this country is yours, not theirs."

Our reply:


From Trump's new fundraising email to base: "This is YOUR country, not THEIRS"


"Barr has a remarkably pro-Russia investment portfolio"

THREAD: Barr's Conflicts: Outstanding by @CrisLeeMaza on Bill Barr's financial ties to Russia-related entities:

1. Howard Lorber's Vector Group (@DonaldJTrumpJr allegedly called Lorber about Trump Tower meeting)

2. AlfaBank

3. Ochs-Ziff

4. DeutscheBank.

Data at link. You don't have to be a twitter member to read twitter.


What's this about Barr and CIA and 1976 Church Committee records destruction?



As AG for GHW Bush, Barr engineered six Iran Contra pardons on CHRISTMAS EVE

The past is prelude with this fixer.

Mueller report on the day between Ash Weds and Good Friday.

Christmas Eve.


From Yale's Holocaust historian Timothy Snyder: Fifty Reasons Trump In Debt to Putin

You don't have to be a Twitter member to read Twitter.

Here it is unrolled:



another argument for impeachment here

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