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Trump admitted knowing about the Trump Tower meeting, while he was high this morning.


AP reporter right now: Press Corps summoned to WH for an event appears to be Mueller related.

Jonathan Lemire reporting on Twitter.


Joe Lockhart's SHADOW PRESS BRIEFING for May 21, 2019

The twitter thread is unrolled and easy to read at the link.


Good afternoon and welcome to Tuesday's White House Shadow briefing. Our motto is if @PressSec is out to lunch, we'll fill in with some content. Just to change up the menu a bit, we'll also tell the truth. Maybe it will bring them back to the table
2. A correction to yesterday's personnel announcements. Following our long standing process of vetting candidates after they are nominated, several red flags came up on yesterday's choices. It seems they've been running an illegal sports book from inside the govt.
3. They were taking action on the frequency and subject matter of Presidential tweets. The President admires their business sense and seizing an opportunity but has transferred all of them to the DOJ where the can learn to coverup their crimes more effectively.
4. On the status of Don McGhan, it is true that we are trying to protect the Presidency, but that's not the whole story. To clarify, the President signed an executive order today decreeing the following. As of Jan. 20th 2021, Presidential terms will no longer be limited to 2
5. The President also announced that Ivanka Trump would be assuming the role of Vice President immediately. He wanted to make clear that there would also be no restriction on how long she could serve as VP. So our talking point is true--we are protecting the Presidency.
6. The Trump imperial Presidency. Based on actuarial tables, that means a Trump family member will remain in office until at least 2050..or another way to put it when Pittsburgh is beachfront property from Climate change. Let's take a question from the room
7. Hildy Johnson, you have a question? Q. Why do you think Trumps at the top of the ticket will guarantee election wins. Or are you abolishing voting. A. That's a rude question, of course not. We know we'll win because of our ideas and the side deal we've worked out w Russia
8. A follow up--is the President worried he's sending a message he doesn't have confidence in Don Jr. or Eric. A. He's not worried at all about Don Jr. because that's exactly the message he wants to send. He just doesn't do face to face conflict. Who is this Eric you mention?
9. Ok, I've got a question from Jay in NY. Do you prefer doing these briefings from the driveway or a nice air conditioned room? A. First, Jay, I'd prefer not doing these brfgs at all. it would be nice if @PressSec who gets paid by the taxpayers would jump in from time to time
10. But if prefer a nice air conditioned room, one where cable networks can take it live and reporters can calmly ask difficult but fair questions that illicit informative responses. Going to the driveway, if I had one, sends a message of weakness and fear.
11. Another Question from NYC...this one is from Anonymous...he asks what do you think of anonymous sources. A. Can we do this on background? Yes? I love anonymous sources, some of my best friends are anonymous sources. I used to make a living being an anonymous source.
12. A well respected commentator wrote on CNN.com yesterday stripping women of privacy by overturning RoevWade could take away men's privacy and expose hypocrisy of pro-life legislators who have been involved in Abortions. Do you think that's a problem for Trump
A. Ok, it's pretty obvious that it's my question since I wrote the piece. Yes, I think it's a potential problem for Trump and every other pro-life politician who have sanctimoniously lectured us on public morality and done the opposite in their private life.
14. This could be the most powerful weapon to keep state legislatures from continuing this war on women. You guys all know who you are and pretty soon we're all going to know who you are.
14. Question from Atlanta. Q. Is there anyone actually in the room with you? A. Asked and answered, next question. Since these questions are starting to get a little personal, I think this is a good time to wrap up our Shadow Briefing
15. Remember, its not the answers that we're missing, @PressSec was just making it up most of the time, it's the questions that we're missing, the questions that need to be surfaced, and need to be exposed as not being answered. Courage.

Question: Will Trump's tariff wars mandate a COL increase in Social Security and safety nets?

Cost of many items is predicted to rise dramatically soon, due to the trade war with China.

Won't that mean the COL index will go up, and the programs based on that index will have to cost more for taxpayers?

Is that why the WH is working to adjust the dollar figure that determines poverty levels for qualification for programs such as SNAP?

Is anyone calculating the ripple cost of his vanity orders?

Rep. Jayapil (Judiciary Committee) says it's time to start impeachment inquiry


McGahn's MOB uncle & TRUMP connection!

Good Lord. What a world.


update Deadline WH w/ Nicole, Heilemann, Jolly, Jeff Daniels MUST WATCH

The discussion was very pointed and deep and sobering.

Daniels is playing Atticus Finch on Broadway and brought the matter of race as THE CARD Republicans have given permission for Trump to play in order to retain power in this time of changing demographics.

No holds barred in this discussion. I found myself tearing up at the implications and the gravity in the voices and faces of the panel.


Link to whole show posted in reply below.

Der Spiegel exposes RW Austrian pols cooperating w/Russians

The free world is under assault.


A Twitter user is making memes from Mueller Report for broad sharing to the public.

Good idea


CNN has Flynn Gaetz communication

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