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Well, well, well. Look at this essay from a very frightened conservative who begs to dump Kavanaugh.

CUT HIM LOOSE: The Kavanaugh Trap is NOT about delay, but winning the Senate.

Posted on 10/2/2018, 10:01:23 PM

Go look back at the news coverage of Kavanaugh, prior to his Senate hearings. It's good... WAAAYYY too good. News organs that hate every Republican candidate were falling over themselves to say what a wonderful candidate Kavanaugh was. The American Bar Association threw a veritable love fest at him.


Go dig up your July news coverage. They LOVED this guy.

It wasn't about delay. When Blasey-Ford first popped up, the Republicans still had plenty of time to find a new candidate. They control the Senate until January. It's about winning the Senate. Or so many seats that they inevitably take the Senate in 2020.

Are the accusations against him fair? Absolutely not. THAT'S THE TRAP. We're so reviled by the injustice, we can't impartially look at the politics of the situation. Get over it. If one more Republican senator comes out against Kavanaugh, be prepared to let TWENTY come out against him, and get over it.

Seriously... do any Republicans even remember that underage drinking is a crime? Sure, one that a huge portion of Americans committed, but were YOU saying "Meh, everyone does it" when you found out that Clinton "smoked, but did not inhale?" Would YOU have supported a Democrat who said, "I liked pot. I liked pot A LOT?" Maybe you were an underage drinker, but did you get falling-down drunk frequently when you were in high school? If so, you were in the minority, and most of the classmates who weren't laughing with (or at?) you probably hated you as a douchebag. And if you went to Georgetown Prep before going to college, you weren't Jim Belushi from Animal House, you were the hated bad guys.

EVERY story that comes out about Kavanaugh throwing ice on some concert-goer in a bar or throwing up in someone's car makes him seem worse and worse... and we don't see it because it doesn't make him come off as a rapist. So he's not a rapist (And, again, most polls show about 10% more people believing he IS than believing he is not), so what? Spoiled, belligerent Jesuit prep-school drunk is NOT a winning profile. And THAT'S what people's minds are on.

You have to accept how BADLY Kavanaugh is doing. Democrats know you won't after 2016, and they're using that against you. We all feel so sorry for Kavanaugh and the terrible treatment he's received that we can't believe he's an albatross. And to point out the dire situation makes me come across like Max from the Sound of Music.

Someone immediately before this posted an article saying, "Breaking! Republican Senate Candidates SURGE ahead after despicable treatment of Kavanaugh." It's based on one candidate leading in brick-red North Dakota. Not "candidates," just one candidate. Out of about 15 competitive races. We're winning in one of 15 competitive races. Let that sink in. We're losing in Arizona. That that sink in. And we can't see it, because -- as the Democrats know -- we've got 2016 polling data on our minds. But go look at RealClearPolitics' poll averages: we're losing West Virginia, we're losing Missouri, we're losing Florida, We're losing Nevada. Republicans' performance in 2012 was the worst cycle for any political party since 1930, and we're about to lose still more ground! We should be looking at gaining 10, 12 seats... and we're looking at doing worse than our worse-since-Herbert-Hoover performance!!!


Here we are, four weeks before election day. This is when the Republican candidates usually start to surge. People are seeing the political issues from paid advertising, and as such, the Republican message finally starts breaking through, since news coverage is nearly 100% left-wing. This is when Republican issues are finally on voters' minds.

And instead, what's happening is Kavanaugh vs Blasey-Ford is on everyone's minds, an issue where Republicans are GOING to get hammered. No-one -- ABSOLUTELY NO-ONE -- is talking about the unanimous praise Kavanaugh has received from the hundred and more women, liberal and conservative, black and white, who have worked with him. Kavanaugh deserves better. But getting mad at "spineless" Republicans who cave isn't going to bring him justice; it's just going to give the Democrats the Senate. If not now, in 2020.

Kavanaugh is the Michael Cohen for GOP deeds.

I have realized that Kavanaugh is the Michael Cohen of the GOP. The FIXER on the bench. He was instrumental in stopping the FL recount. He crafted the nasty questions for WJC re: Lewinsky. Durbin, in 2003, called him the "Forrest Gump" of Republicans after his role in Elian Gonzales. Being the FIXER brings a lot of pressure. Witness Michael Cohen's stress and multiply for Kav.

It's evident in Kavanaugh's mien. They've got him by the short and curlies and he's blackmailable. THAT is why he broke down and cried and blew a gasket. He's trapped to do their will.

In 2003, Durbin called Kavanaugh the "Forrest Gump" of Republican politics

From the Miami Herald July 9 2018

"Jeb Bush’s brother, George, then president, nominated Kavanaugh in 2003 for the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit — a move that didn’t sit well with Illinois Democratic Sen. Dick Durbin.

Durbin, during Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings, called him the “Forrest Gump of Republican politics … whether it’s Elian Gonzalez or the Starr Report, you are there.”

Read more here: https://www.miamiherald.com/news/nation-world/national/article214604235.html#storylink=cpy

Yalie Chad Ludington has issued a statement re: Kav drinking.

I'll copy it in here. Seth Abramson has the document.


Having trouble grabbing it from twitter....

Oct 1 New Yorker Mayer-Farrow: Confusion Surrounding FBI Renewed Investigation (new bits of info)


Here's the first few graphs. I was running out the door when I made the OP -- sorry about no text.

As the F.B.I. began its investigation this weekend into allegations of sexual misconduct by Brett Kavanaugh, President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, several people who hope to contribute information about him to the F.B.I. said that they were unable to make contact with agents. President Trump has promised to give the F.B.I. “free rein” in its probe, but the Times reported on Saturday that the White House had asked the F.B.I. to question only four witnesses. In the course of the next day, confusion spread about whom the F.B.I. would be interviewing, and Senate Democrats demanded that the White House provide the Senate Judiciary Committee with a copy of the written directive that it had sent to the F.B.I. regarding the investigation.

With a one-week deadline looming over the investigation, some who say they have information relevant to the F.B.I.’s probe are suspicious that the investigation will amount to what one of Kavanaugh’s former Yale classmates called a “whitewash.” Roberta Kaplan, an attorney representing one potential witness, Elizabeth Rasor, a former girlfriend of Kavanaugh’s high-school friend Mark Judge, said her client “has repeatedly made clear to the Senate Judiciary Committee and to the F.B.I. that she would like the opportunity to speak to them.” But, Kaplan said, “We’ve received no substantive response.”

Christine Blasey Ford has accused Judge of being an accessory to Kavanaugh’s alleged sexual assault on her, in 1982, when they were all in high school. Kavanaugh has vehemently denied any role in the assault, and Judge, through his attorney, Barbara Van Gelder, also has denied any recollection of it. Kaplan said that early this past week she began reaching out to the F.B.I. and to the Senate Judiciary Committee on Rasor’s behalf. “She feels a sense of civic duty to tell what she knows,” Kaplan said. “But the only response we’ve gotten are e-mails saying that our e-mails have been ‘received.’ ” At one point, she said, an F.B.I. official suggested she try calling an 800-number telephone tip line.

Debra Katz, the lead attorney for Ford, said that her client, too, had been willing to coöperate with the F.B.I.’s investigation, but as of Sunday the F.B.I. had not contacted her, despite Ford’s central role in the controversy. “We’ve tried repeatedly to speak with the F.B.I, but heard nothing back,” Katz said.

F.B.I. officials referred questions to the White House. The White House spokesman Raj Shah defended the process, and released a statement that placed responsibility for any limitations on the Senate. “The scope and duration has been set by the Senate. The White House is letting the FBI agents do what they are trained to do,” his statement said. Shah accused Senate Democrats of merely wanting to “further delay and politicize” the investigation rather than being genuinely concerned about its integrity.

Jill Wine-Banks calls for any possible witnesses to come forward


"I call on all witnesses to any drinking or sexual misconduct by #Kavanaugh and those with knowledge of his $200,000 debt to come forward. Plus those who know he knew about Kozinski misconduct while clerking for him, not after Kozinski resigned."

Kavanaugh, George W., George HW, Gerald Ford, Dan Quayle....all the same fraternity

Delta Kappa Epsilon, DKE

Lots of info about it at the link.


do you suppose Kavanaugh is Opus Dei?

How could we find out?
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