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Did Mueller possibly "recuse" himself from the indictment decision?

A friend brought this up.

Remember when Trump was tweeting about Mueller being "conflicted" and would never give any details except some claim about a golf course fee dispute many years ago? Is it possible that - out of an abundance of caution - Mueller decided that he would not give Trump an opportunity to have the charges dropped with a favorable judge based upon the claim that Mueller was "biased" and that's why he "punted" on the decision? Did Trumps lawyers tell him if he indicted Trump or family they would fight it "to the end" and use his "conflicts bias" to ruin him and his family? Did he think Rosenstein would ultimately make the decision?

There has to be a legit reason Bob Mueller didn't ask for an indictment. I do not think he simply through his hands in the air and said "its equal on both sides". Further, when Barr says Mueller gave "evidence on both sides", I assume the only "evidence" Mueller referred to that would be in Trump's favor is the technical stuff like the President having the legal right to fire the FBI director, AG, etc. This is where Barr is probably being completely misleading on the obstruction bit.
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