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Member since: Tue Jul 17, 2018, 11:17 AM
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The documents Trump wouldn't give back

Are things he personally ordered to be classified hoping it would prevent DOJ from having access to. It's all stuff like the Ukrainian phone call where it would show him involved in a likely crime. This explains why he keeps insisting the documents"belong to him" and why he has claimed they must go straight to the National Archive and stay out of the hands of DOJ This also explains why he hasn't been arrested yet as the classification levels may not actually be appropriate and the documents likely have no current sensitive nature.

There may be a few other things, but it will turn out to be mostly things he was personally up to and not actual "top secret" data and whatnot. We already know he put a bogus classification on the Ukraine phone call so it would make sense that he did that other times.

The indictment is coming, no doubt and we'll know soon. DOJ has to make the case to the American People as well as a grand jury, so they have to be able to spell this out as so egregious that it must be prosecuted.

Good God, they are pivoting back to "the country is over"

My office mate couldn't get a word out before starting into "it's sad and it's going to get worse. You won't be able to afford to eat, buy gas.. blah blah.. and I hate to have to say it but it will be an l told you so .."

I laughed. They got a case of the sad this morning. Back to the Qanon nonsense for them I guess.

Anyone else getting this yet?

So now Biden "supports abortion to the moment of birth"

I almost couldn't believe I heard that on a commercial on my radio. That and Biden wants to "rig the Supreme Court" to take away your rights.

Their internal polling clearly shows the religious not voting for Trump at such high numbers this time and they are throwing out all the stops. This add was all about invoking "God" and whatnot.

Once Trump is no longer POTUS, His Mouth will Do him in

Anyone thought about this?

This man can't keep his mouth shut about anything. He loves to talk and tweet. Just imagine, with a new administration, he will be tweeting "against" anything that administration does, probably every single day. He'll be telling his supporters the "truth". It probably wont take a month for him to reveal classified information. Hell, what happens if he "loses his mind" and starts tweeting about all sorts of classified things? You know he will. He has to show "how smart" he is; how he is "right". The first time anything comes up about foreign affairs, he will violate the law. There will be nobody to stop him. He has no restraint. This could end up "working itself out" in the end. At some point, Twitter and Facebook would pull his account(there would be no excuse once he is revealing classified info).

He'll end up in a padded room at some point.

Its time for the families of the nearly 200K dead Americans to stand up

And demand this man resign NOW! How could this not be the most important issue of our lifetime? People are DEAD because the POTUS willfully lied to the American people.

Did Trump contact the Florida AG and ask to look into Scarborough?

I'll start by saying the obligatory "I can't prove this", but someone I know....six degrees...yadda yadda told me -

Trump already had someone contact the Florida AG to see if they'd announce they are "looking into it" and got rebuffed.

Would this surprise anyone?

I guess the bombing likely answers a question people had

"I wonder what Trump and Putin talked about the other day?"

Oh, that explains it. They gave Trump a different IG Report

Trump tweeted in response to FBI Director Christopher Wray's comments on the report:

“I don’t know what report current Director of the FBI Christopher Wray was reading, but it sure wasn’t the one given to me,” Trump tweeted. With that kind of attitude, he will never be able to fix the FBI, which is badly broken despite having some of the greatest men & women working there!”

Wray also told ABC on Monday that the inspector general “did not find political bias or improper motivations impacting the opening of the investigation or the decision to use certain investigative tools during the investigations.” He rejected characterizing the bureau’s work as that of the “deep state” — a term Trump has used.

“I think that’s the kind of label that’s a disservice to the men and women who work at the FBI who I think tackle their jobs with professionalism, with rigor, with objectivity, with courage,” he said. “So that’s not a term I would ever use to describe our workforce, and I think it’s an affront to them.”


Now it makes sense. Like intelligence reports, they didn't give him the actual, real one!

Lindsey heard the tapes

I've been told Lindsey Graham has heard the tapes that Gulliani's henchman provided and that is why he has had this "change of heart" and brought up "censure" over impeachment. He has seen the writing on the wall and knows other (R)'s in the Senate will convict.

Take it for what its worth.

Why has the format changed in the threads?

Why are the pop culture links/adds/pics popping up between the posted article and the responses instead of at the very bottom of the page? This is beyond annoying and makes this site borderline unuseable. It makes no sense to do that.
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