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Member since: Sun Jul 8, 2018, 05:28 PM
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Republicans look to the silver lining after their defeat in the Senate

Some RWers have become so mentally ill they are opposing preventing disease and death in the USA

Republicanism and conservativism have morphed from ideologies into a mental illness. Go to the CDC or state Health Department Public Health Facebook account. There you will see groups of Republicans and Right-Wingers being angry and mocking any efforts to reign in or control either Covid or Monkeypox. I mean, what sort of sick, demented person WANTS to see more illness and death? Our nation needs to deal with these monsters before they destroy our nation and possibly the world.

Jamestown, Michigan, voted this week to shut down town's library over LGBTQ books

US library defunded after refusing to censor LGBTQ authors: ‘We will not ban the books’

Residents of Jamestown, Michigan, voted this week to shut down town’s library rather than tolerate certain LGBTQ books

A small-town library is at risk of shutting down after residents of Jamestown, Michigan, voted to defund it rather than tolerate certain LGBTQ+-themed books.

Residents voted on Tuesday to block a renewal of funds tied to property taxes, Bridge Michigan reported.


The controversy in Jamestown began with a complaint about a memoir by a nonbinary writer, but it soon spiraled into a campaign against Patmos Library itself. After a parent complained about Gender Queer: a Memoir, by Maia Kobabe, a graphic novel about the author’s experience coming out as nonbinary, dozens showed up at library board meetings, demanding the institution drop the book. (The book, which includes depictions of sex, was in the adult section of the library.) Complaints began to target other books with LGBTQ+ themes.

One library director resigned, telling Bridge she had been harassed and accused of indoctrinating kids; her successor also left the job. Though the library put Kobabe’s book behind the counter rather than on the shelves, the volumes remained available.

“We, the board, will not ban the books,” Walton told Associated Press on Thursday.

The library’s refusal to submit to the demands led to a campaign urging residents to vote against renewed funding for the library. A group calling itself Jamestown Conservatives handed out flyers condemning a library director who “promoted the LGBTQ ideology” and called for making the library “a safe and neutral place for our children”. On Facebook, the group says it exists to “keep our children safe, and protect their purity, as well as to keep the nuclear family intact as God designed”.


Make sure everyone knows what Republicans stand for

Conservatives are happy that Trump released physical and emotional curses on mankind

This post on Reddit's conservative sub was upvoted 900 times.

Here is what Wikipedia says about Pandora's box

Pandora's box is an artifact in Greek mythology connected with the myth of Pandora in Hesiod's Works and Days.[1] Hesiod reported that curiosity led her to open a container left in the care of her husband, thus releasing physical and emotional curses upon mankind

NC- White police force quits, refuses to work for a black woman

Less than a week after the entire police department in Kenly, N.C., announced their resignation, citing a “toxic” and “hostile” work environment, elected officials from the town of about 2,000 residents have gone silent on a plan for law enforcement moving forward. The July 20 mass resignation of the department’s police chief, four full-time officers and two town clerks, who are all white, came less than two months after the town hired a new town manager, who is Black, leaving many critics to question whether race was at the core of the department’s sudden collapse.

Justine Jones, who has worked for 16 years in local governments in Minnesota, Virginia, South Carolina and North Carolina, was selected to be town manager after a "nationwide search" of 30 candidates, according to a town press release. She began the job on June 2.

Kenly is 36% Black, 20% Hispanic and 36% non-Hispanic white.


This made me chuckle


Nazi DeSantis taking credit for Biden's and the Democrat's great work


In just 4 years Trump completely corrupted the Secret Service


If you do Reddit, I have created a sub where I am posting all the terrible things the GOP is doing

a sort of database of misdeeds that can come in handy. I pull articles from Reddit, social media, here, and various other websites

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