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Gender: Female
Home country: USA
Current location: AZ
Member since: Sat Jun 23, 2018, 02:32 PM
Number of posts: 2,829

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I hope this is the right place to post this. I grew up playing the piano and there was one tool

that really helped me learn the keys. It was made out of heavy card stock and each key on the piano was assigned a piano key on the cardstock. You strung it out behind the keys and up against the back of the piano. Because I'm going to resume playing I've been looking to buy one but can't find it. Don't even know if they're still made, but it sure helped. Does anyone know of what I've described and know if it's still available and where? Thanks,

Is Trump's goading Pelosi and the House for impeachment part of a larger plan?

What if Trumpís behavior is part of his plan to avoid state and federal charges once he leaves office or is forced out of office?

If forced out of office under the 25th Amendment will Trumpís lawyers, relying on Trumpís removal from the Presidency under the 25th Amendment, claim that his removal provides prima facie evidence that he is incompetent to stand trial on any state or federal charges?

If forced out of office by impeachment (big IF) will the plethora of news articles since his election diagnosing Trumpís mental health be proffered by Trumpís lawyers as prima facie evidence that he is incompetent to stand trial on any state or federal charges?

Under either scenario he gets a pardon, keeps his presidential pension and security detail, and does not have to stand for trial on any state and federal charges. (Yes, his assets are still at risk and his kids are still subject to trial(s), but when has he worried about anyone but himself?)

(If this is posted under wrong forum, sorry, it's not my fault. My only option was GD.)

Last night, at dusk, in one of our Palo Verde trees I saw a bug. It's antenna was black, but all of

its body was orange including the 6 legs, its two wings were also orange but a small portion at the bottom of the wings was black. It also had the same black area on its butt. It was about 1 inch and slender. No other spots.

I did an internet search and found nothing. It's not a tarantula hawk cuz their body is black --- unless baby tarantula hawks have orange bodies. Could not find any info about this.

Does anyone have any ideas?


Care to share?

A short time ago an article was posted on DU about a 68-pound, 13 year-old boy with diabetes who died because he was treated with alternative medicines rather than insulin. This story was responded to by the anti-alternative medicine crowd on DU crowing about this boyís death being further proof that alternative medicines are snake oil and the reason why people shouldnít choose alternative therapies. The childís death while using alternative medicine played into their righteous conventional-medicine-only stance, yet the fact that this was a 13 year-old boy who only weighed 68 pounds was ignored. The boyís death may have been compounded by a lack of insulin, but he died from long-term parental neglect/abuse. How many healthy 13 year-old boys weigh only 68 pounds?

The healing process in conventional medicine is to take a pill to heal. Whereas, the healing process in alternative medicine is to balance the imbalance. I believe there is a use for conventional medicine and a use for alternative medicine, and their uses should be inclusive, not exclusive. However, I am not interested in debating alternative medicine with the anti-alternative medicine crowd who are on this site or any other site. What I am interested in is beginning and sustaining a conversation of like-minded alternative medicine users sharing their knowledge to improve oneís physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

To that end, how inclusive are alternative therapies in your life? Are alternative therapies your first choice of treatment? Do you incorporate energy work or other abilities into your protocols? What are your go-to remedies?

As for me, I was introduced to alternative medicine more than 15 years ago and it is my first, and usually the only therapy I use. Some of the dis-eases where I have successfully used only alternative therapies include treatment for sarcoid cancer (animals), Valley Fever (humans and animals), Hashimotos (humans), intestinal worms (animals), Head Shaking Syndrome (horses), laminitis and founder (horses), and broken bones (humans and animals). Over the years the energy work that I incorporate into my healing protocol has morphed into an empathic ability. My go-to alternative remedies are numerous and include liquid Maritime Pine Bark, Rescue Remedy, and colloidal silver at the top of my list.

My favorite thing about using alternative medicine is the ever-constant learning cycle. I hope that there are some on DU who will reply with their protocols so that we can all become better healers because IMHO the acceptance and use of alternative medicine is the connection that makes the respect for Mother Earth, alternative medicines, and spirituality inextricably bound.

Has anyone tried a 10% vinegar solution for killing weeds? If so, did it work? nt

The weather here today is awful: cold, rainy and windy. Nevertheless I took my GS for his daily

hike. I live in a rural area and during the hike I picked up a rock and thought about whether or not I was the first human to touch this millions (billions) of years old rock. It'd be pretty cool if that was the case.

I hit a wrong button by mistake and now the DU print is smaller. How do I reset it back to how it


Before the BOG is shut down I want to share the following excerpt from a letter I received

from BO in 2015. It should be a reminder to us of our end goal as we prepare for 2020 and life after Trump.

ďWe also need to protect a Government of, by, and for the people that serves ordinary Americans and ensures their voices are not drowned out by millions of dollars in secret, special interest advertising. Allowing corporate and special interest takeovers of our elections is damaging to our democracy. And both parties in Congress need to come together to solve our countryís problems and rebuild the trust of the people who sent us here.

The constant cycle of manufactured crises and self?inflicted wounds created by Washington has undermined our economy, and it has to stop. We must invest in ourselves and build a country where anyone who works hard has a chance to reach for our Nationís promise.Ē

My final comment: in a country as diverse as ours if we donít lose faith we cannot fail.

Recently there was a discussion thread on DU concerning a person with cancer

choosing alternative medicine (essential oils) over conventional medicine for their treatment. For being a progressive site some of the replies chilled me to my core as some did not feel the cancer patient had a right to choose their course of treatment. Isnít a personís right to choose not only the core of the abortion debate but the genesis for other issues as well? How can one be against oneís right to choose their cancer treatment yet be in approval of oneís right to choose whether or not to have an abortion?

The comments resulted in my asking the question how intertwined the use of alternative medicine is to oneís connection to Mother Earth through their spirituality. Here is my conclusion.

I believe that spirituality is an energy force that is inherent in everything that inhabits Mother Earth. Expansion of oneís energy force results in a higher understanding of our place and our connectedness to things that are greater and other than human. It is through this perception and understanding that one accepts the reality that Mother Earth has provided all who inhabit this earth with natural resources for healing. The acceptance and use of these natural resources is the connection that makes the respect for Mother Earth, alternative medicines, and spirituality inextricably bound.

Unfortunately, over the centuries humans have rendered extinct some of the healing plants provided in nature. The following is a (short) list of some healing plants that still exist in nature. Willow Bark became aspirin. Paclitaxel, extracted from the Pacific yew, is the precursor to todayís cancer fighting chemotherapy drug marketed as Taxol and is considered to be one of the National Cancer Instituteís successes in their search for new cancer drugs from nature. Yohimbe is the precursor to Viagra. Bearberry is the precursor to sulfa drugs used to treat UTIs. Bitterleaf is a zoopharmacognosy remedy used by animals to treat parasites. Bloodroot is the precursor to commercial preparations to counteract dental plaque and gum disease. Brazil Nut provides the necessary micro-nutrient selenium in selenium-deprived areas. The ricin in the Castor Bean is being bioengineered to attach to antibodies that bind to and destroy cancer cells. Chaste Tree is the precursor to commercially prepared PMS remedies and for treatment of Parkinsonís. Forskohliiís compound forskolin was found to calm muscle spasms, lower blood pressure, and as a prescription drug, is used for the treatment of hypothyroidism. Foxglove is the precursor to conventional drugs used in controlling edema associated with congestive heart failure. Happy Tree is the precursor for many cancer fighting drugs recognized and approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. In World War I a remedy containing Cannabis was given to horses in the military to treat colic episodes.

Clearly, there is a use for conventional medicine and a use for alternative medicine and their uses can be inclusive, not exclusive.


I just read my Inbox. Thanks to both of you for the hearts. nt

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