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How Hitler Did It

In October 2017, a poll by NPR, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and Harvard revealed that 55% of white Americans believe there is discrimination against white Americans. More Americans agree than disagree that white people are under attack in this country according to a Reuters IPS/OS poll. Numerous studies have shown that racial resentment was the overriding factor for people who voted for Donald Trump. BUT NO ONE IS ATTACKING WHITE PEOPLE. What is happening is people of color are increasing unashamed to point out discrimination and racism. Combined with the legitimate measures taken by some people and organizations to untilt the playing field, any attempt at fairness might feel like an attack on whiteness. The truth is whites have been perched on pedestals of privilege for so long, being asked to step down may make them feel as if they are being attacked. That's not oppression; that's equality. When the people who have all the power convince themselves that they are actually powerless and the victims of a massive conspiracy that, in fact, is what often precedes actual genocide. That was Hitler's argument, in a nutshell, that there was a grand conspiracy of Jews, a tiny minority in that country, that victimized real Germans and kept them powerless. It was sold as a revolution against an insidious enemy within that was everywhere and incredibly powerful like Trump's deep state. Over and over again we hear about this ominous deep state that's a danger to America's future. During a hidden camera expose, Alexander Nix, the Cambridge Analytical CEO mentioned "the deep state" was one of many slogans tossed around for the Trump campaign; as well as "drain the swamp" and "build the wall". Republicans and ready to bear arms against the deep state right now! THE AUTHORITARIAN PLAYBOOK: (1) Dismantle checks on executive power (2) Control Criminal Justice system (3) Scapegoat minority groups (4) Co-op main stream parties (5) Discredit independent press (6) Call for opponents to be jailed (7) Question election legitimacy (8) Claim to be the greatest and the only one who can.
Posted by The Drumwalker | Mon Jun 25, 2018, 06:32 PM (9 replies)
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