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What does post peak look like?

Is there anything good to read about that?

Iím not going to second guess what epidemiologists think. I have read there is a range of estimates and am guessing that peak will occur at different times. Iím curious about thing like

What does the other side of the peak look like? We were slow to lock down and people have been tightening up their isolation. Is it likely to be a slow decline or match the build up or something else?

What makes it the peak? How much does isolation vs immunity vs other factors play in stopping the increase?

At some point scientists will say itís ok to go out at least in some communities. Whatís needed in terms of random testing or other triggers that would cause us to quickly go back to lock down. Iíve read there could be multiple waves

What are the next best steps and what is needed? If we had antibody and infection tests readily available how would those be used? For example, if i knew I was immune and not infectious would that mean itís ok to be around or would that just make others more likely to inappropriately end isolation?

We are fortunate enough to be working from home. Weíre going to be very slow in ending isolation not just to avoid infection but to not risk infecting others.

We need an immediate covid 19 plan

We need immediate plan to deal with the virus. Unfortunately most of the immediate actions have to be taken by the executive branch which is run by a moron.

We have passed the point where this could be contained by monitoring people who travelled and their contacts. We have to cast a much wider net.

A lot of us got told over the past week to work from home. Until end of month seems to be the message but thatís not going to be enough. The infectious window is longer apparently.

Containment is going to need massive testing and isolation or the infection will spread. Maybe it burns out naturally but thatís a horrible strategy. Testing has to be free and readily available. How many kits have been ordered and what is our lab capacity for test processed per day? Are the logistics of where to go for testing and where the results will be processed and how the notifications will be handled all been worked out?

All of that should be publicly available and tracked. Thatís what i want the media to focus on. I donít care what anyone says, I want the status tracked and reported daily. Thatís the only way to know they arenít still screwing up and lying.

What are our treatment plans. If we donít bend the infection rate down soon there will be too many patients. Do we have plans to set up treatment centers if necessary? We need a better plan than waiting and hoping hospitals donít become overwhelmed. Figure out where to set up temporary centers and start the logistical work and hope we donít need it.

We need to deal with the immediate economic issue that people canít afford to stay home. Testing isnít going to work if we donít deal with that. Tested positive and canít afford it, go to work. Force positive people to quarantine and people wonít test until the are sick and have been infectious for two weeks.

Longer term economic consequences need to be addressed but stopping the virus from spreading also lessens those.
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