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Member since: Wed Jun 20, 2018, 06:01 PM
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I love the deep state

The American government with its deep experience values, and traditions.

That is what gives us these patriots who came forth to tell the truth about trump’s corruption

“Deep” is just another term like “elite” that republicans turn into derision.

I don’t want a shallow state. I don’t want second rate.

Give me elite and deep all the time

Impeachment hearing dynamics

One thing the private meetings did was help Schiff understand the republican arguments. They also gave an overall view of what happened.

They must have scheduled the public hearings to best tell the overall story.

Owning the first 45 minutes of the public hearings lets Schiff get the witnesses to tell their story completely and anticipate what the republican strategy will be.

At the same time, they are handling surprises very well. Exposing trump’s intimidation tweet in real time turned it from a distraction to a devastating piece of evidence. Deposing Holmes on friday was fast. Holmes had to travel a day from Ukraine.

The 45 minute session exposes the banality of the republican argument. For one thing it pits Schiff against Nunes. Schiff is obviously smart and speaks well. Nunes loses arguments with imaginary cows.

The lawyers are also unequally matched, Goldman seems relatable while Castor has a locked in who farted sneer.

No wonder they were so frantic to mix up the batting order Friday morning. Shut down hard.

Schiff and Castor get to let the witnesses tell their story. Stories are compelling. Everyone likes a story and it makes the case clear and believable.

45 minutes later the republicans get their turn, but there is nothing to fill 45 minutes. They get to examine the few remaining crumbs, but the feast is over. Most of them can fill 5 minutes with thunder. Get a few of them in a formation and they can keep it going indefinitely.

Keep it to two and it is boring and obvious they have nothing.

Let's be enemies

By Janice May Udry. Pictures by Maurice Sendak.

Just found this book. Or found it again.

No spoilers but here are the first two lines

James used to be my friend

But today he is my enemy.

Very nice book
Posted by Midnightwalk | Tue Nov 5, 2019, 10:18 PM (0 replies)
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