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Member since: Wed Jun 20, 2018, 06:01 PM
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Republicans call Ukraine extortion a nothing burger

Republicans called the impeachment hearings a nothing burger saying that there is nothing unusual about working with foreign countries to influence elections.

A senator who spoke anonymously said “Look this has happened many times before. Nixon aids met with north Vietnam. Reagan aids met with Iranians. Trump aids met with Russia. And they were just candidates. Surely the president has more power than a candidate.”

Asked for comment, Democratic leaders couldn’t get past saying “what the f***”.

For the sarcastically impaired there is a fair amount in the above.

Outrages of the day so far Oct 16

Referring to the growing disaster in Syria, compared the situation to playing in the sand, trivializing the strategic, military and humanitarian disasters.

Talked about the 1000s of year old relationship between Italy and the US.

Called Pelosi a third rate politician during a briefing on the situation in Syria causing the democratic leaders to walk out.

Sent a weak sniveling letter to the Erdogan that will be remembered throughout history. It will be discussed for longer than the relationship between Italy and America.

Sorry for whatever l didn’t remember.

Well I'm out of here

Down to the store to get some wine and barrio blonde. I’ll be walking around later.
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