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The Figment

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Member since: Tue Jun 19, 2018, 09:19 PM
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This is Cool, we have a Hollywood star from Emporia Ks.!


Check out the video!

Gawd...Teletrumpy sounds really creepy at the Prayer Breakfast. Nt

Ya'll know those new fangled "brighter" headlights...

My father in law and I got together and got my lady a better Van than the old Dodge she's been driving. Shaggy has 220,000 miles and is telling us the he's getting to that point in a vehicles life that it should be given a nice funeral.
So as Dad said he would pay for a replacement if I would find one I set out to find one.
What I found was a one owner 1990 Chevrolet G/20 "Heavy Half Ton" custom van with all the bells and whistles, new small block, new 4 speed automatic, completely rebuilt rear end, brakes, AC,new belts,hoses,radiator, nice chrome wheels, nice tires,run on synthetic oil its entire life, one of those once inna lifetime finds...drove 300 miles to look at it and bought it within ten minutes of first laying eyes on it. Really nice truck!
So tonight we go out for dinner and it gets dark while we are eating, we go out to head home and I pop on the lights...


I swear this thing lights up a 1/2 mile of road on low beam...we drive through town trying not to reduce people's retinas to rubble, cut down the back Streets cuz I think that the headlights are not lined up right,stop to check, yup they are correctly aligned, hit the two laner that heads outta town hit the Hi-Beams and I swear you could land a 747 with these things!!
Now I understand why folk like these,to quote Darrell Waltrip..."I Never have Seen Anything Like This In My Life"
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