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The Figment

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Member since: Tue Jun 19, 2018, 09:19 PM
Number of posts: 492

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The 2020 Holiday Fire...watch the whole thing,'bout an hour long

The noise from the fireworks was bad enough, then I get this in my weather app...

Action Recommended
Avoid the subject event as per the instructions
Issued By
Topeka - KS, US, National Weather Service
Affected Area
Lyon County
...Very Unhealthy Air Quality Sunday Morning...

Stagnant air and light winds have caused thick smoke from Saturday night fireworks to be trapped near the surface, causing unhealthy to very unhealthy air conditions across much of northeast Kansas. Conditions are expected to improve after 8 to 10 AM as increased atmospheric mixing allows for the dispersion of the smoke. Those with respiratory concerns should avoid outdoor exposure until conditions improve later this morning.


My lady just found this on Craigslist,



Ok,these folk owe me a cuppa coffee...

For those of you with some spare time on a Friday night...

Here's a treat...

The Grateful Dead Movie, 7:30 pm (I'm assuming that's eastern time zone)

A bit of humor for today...

I just tried to e-file my information

To sign up for a stimulus check at the IRS website, what a clusterfuck! I filled out the forms but it won't let me file them,I get SSI as my only form of income and the IRS websites are about as clear as mud as to whether I need to file anything or not.I'm not clueless but I'm totally confused...can anyone clarify what I need to do,if anything.


Check this out...

I'm not able to copypasta a snip of this article but mask makers should read this!

Shop Towel Masks...

This is Cool, we have a Hollywood star from Emporia Ks.!


Check out the video!

Gawd...Teletrumpy sounds really creepy at the Prayer Breakfast. Nt

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