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Member since: Fri Jun 8, 2018, 10:14 PM
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Good news. 4 out of 7 days we are below 10K cases.

Today below 9K.

Not great at all. Still a long way to go but I’ll take any good news. I’m not cheering for a disaster. I am not hoping for bad news. This is deadly. I’d be thrilled if it burned out today.

That said, Ron DeathSantis still needs to resign. Any progress we might be making has nothing to do with him.

We are witnessing the greatest dereliction of press and gubernatorial duty in the history of America.

Call Ron DeSantis 850-717-9337. Tell him to keep schools closed!

Community spread is too high across most of Florida to safely open schools!

Orange County asked for a waiver and he hasn’t said one way or the other whether it will be granted. Keep the pressure on!

Emails are great but phone calls make more of an impact!

Over 10,000 more cases in Florida today and 173 deaths reported.


Y’all better start emailing and tweeting Ron DeSantis!

Hell we are doing him a favor by shutting the schools! His pic will be next to the first beloved teacher or cute little student who dies!! The media will eat him alive.

If you've recovered from COVID please consider donating plasma.

In Central Florida hospitals are calling for COVID survivors to aid in the fight by donating. I’m sure it’s the same everywhere.


Joni Ernst is salivating at the opportunity to put a justice on SCOTUS even if Trump loses.

Ernst admits there should be hearings and a vote for a SCOTUS justice if (God forbid) RBG were to die...even during the lame duck session.

This right here proves that the winning the Senate and controlling the SCOTUS nominee hearings are just as important, if not more, than the winning POTUS.

Ernst must lose!!! This would rip the country to pieces. The political death match would be unprecedented and she’s all for it.


I hope the national media runs with this! FL chapter of the AAP pens letter to DeSantis re schools.

Rachel Maddow, Meet the Press, Morning Joe all should run with this and absolutely roast DeSantis! They say schools shouldn’t open unless our positivity rate declines!


Meanwhile the AAU Volleyball Nationals have started in Orlando.


17000 kids from around the country at the Orange County Convention Center. Just wonderful!

Jerry Demings is hurting Val Demings' VP chances in their home county!

Jerry Demings is the Orange Co mayor where Rep Val Demings is from.

The whole world knows that COVID is spiking in FL.

But Jerry Demings is doing nothing. Teachers are calling for him to come to their side and tell the OCPS School Board it’s unsafe to open schools. The OCPS School Board wants local authorities to help build a case to keep schools closed.

The Orange County Classroom Teachers Association FB page is blowing up with complaints about him and the Dem mayor of Orlando, Buddy Dyer.

They are silent instead of ordering a return to Phase 1, curfews, and recommending school closures.

This will spill over into presidential politics if they don’t watch out. Teachers in FL are angry and scared.

And the OCPS Board meets tomorrow morning to finalize school start plans. If Mayor Demings is silent, this will hurt Rep Demings.

120 new COVID deaths, shatters old record.

#desantisresign needs to trend again! Our 7 day rolling average is trending up and has been for quite some time!


State health officials confirmed 120 deaths due to COVID-19 over the past 24 hours, putting the state’s death toll at 4,009 as of Thursday morning.

That shatters the single report death toll record set May 5, when 72 Floridians died. Over the prior week, the state had averaged 48 new fatalities reported per day.

However, those people didn’t all die in the last day. Coroners may still be tying deaths from days or weeks ago to COVID-19.

The Department of Health and the Division of Emergency Management still show 102 non-resident deaths in the state, no change from Wednesday’s report.

Do you think the ACT should cancel its July test?

I live in FL and we are in the middle of a surge. Our hospitals are filling up. Should we proceed with standardized testing? Colleges across America are waiving SAT/ACT testing. I feel like they should cancel this test. Heck, they canceled the June test and it wasn’t nearly as bad.
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